Sunday, 7 August 2011

A string tree WIP & 100 followers...

This week's Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge, set by the talented Judy, is 'The Forest For The Trees'.  I was hoping to have finished this in time but we've had lots of visitors this past couple of weeks in honour of the school summer hols & along with ongoing health stuff I'm struggling to carve out my creative time. So, excuses over, this is not quite finished.  I've tried to create another one of my string/sisal mixed media paintings using one of my favourite subjects: trees. I also had this month's Creative Everyday Challenge, 'Red', in mind whilst creating this.  As favourites of mine, trees and red are both inspiring creative ideas. Also I feel this adds to my own 'summer challenge'.

Arriving at my blog I've also just discovered that I have reached 100 followers!! I'm so grateful for my blogging friends who encourage, support & contribute. Thanks to all of you who keep me company by choosing to follow me. You're all fab! :-) I think it's high time I did a blog giveaway in appreciation. I shall organise this as soon as I can. Watch this space.

If you visit the Inspiration Avenue blog Sunday afternoon you'll get to see all the tree/forest themed entries for this week's challenge.

Hope you all have been having a great weekend!

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  1. It's lovely - looks finished!!

    Hope you're feeling better Kat. Is the sun shining on you down in the South West?

  2. I love this! What a great take!

  3. Really lovely and creative! I love the gifts the forest provides, don't you?


  4. From one tree lover to another:
    Kat I like this as is...but can imagine you will art it up even more.

  5. I love the graceful branches on the tree. What a great idea to create it out of string. Also, red is a favorite of mine so I'm loving the background!

    I've been meaning to say, my goodness you have a lot of visitors to your house! That can be exhausting at the same time it's rewarding. Take care not to get worn out!

    Congratulations on 100 blog followers! A giveaway sounds fun!

  6. more lovely trees, Kat. Wishing you a good week,
    m xx

  7. Such a clever idea - the twists in the twine evoke branch bark (as I'm sure you thought of!) and I can't wait to see how it finishes! Great job!

  8. This is a wonderful entry for this week's challenge. I really like the creativeness of the string tree. I feel that you have captured the greatest element of trees. Your design using the strings and all the twists and turns and then the branches reaching out shows the uniqueness trees have. You have done so well with this piece; I did not complete a project this week so it is very good to see what others have done. Beautiful art.

  9. Kat, this is stunning! I love the red color in the background, and the sisal for the tress is such a gorgeous idea. Wonderful work!

  10. beautiful Kat! Love your wip and very creative.. get well soon!

  11. This is beautiful-- I love how the twine is almost like a paler and reversed silhouette (perhaps like a negative of a photograph), the strands really do make me think of branches! Great coloring and a terrifically creative response to the challenge (-:

  12. This is great Kat - I wouldn't have known it wasn't finished! The sisal lends itself really well to the tree trunk/branches - it's the ideal texture. And I love the warm colours!

    Well done on reaching 100 followers too that's great! x

  13. Lisa - thank you :-) The sun comes & goes down here but mostly is nice. X

    Judy - thank you for the inspiration of this challenge :-)

    Kim - thank you :-) Yes trees offer such bountiful gifts; I love them for so many reasons. X

    gemma - thank you my fellow tree lover :-) X

    Maggie - thank you sweetpea X Yes so many visitors - encouraged by the fact that we live in such a beautiful part of the country. Luckily most of them have not stopped in the house but camped or B&B down the road which helps :-) X

    Megan - thank you:-)

    Terrie - thank you :-) Yes, I've previously used string but find the Sisal twine has a more pleasing texture for trees although a little harder to manipulate & glue.

    Amanda - thanks for your lovely comment :-) Xx

    Carola - thank you :-) I've been using string but the sisal twine does offer a good texture for trees.

    Elisa - thank you :-) X

    craftydvl - thank you for such a sweet comment:-) I like the idea of it being like a negative of a photo; its a good way of describing. Thanks X

    Angie - thank you :-) Xx

    Kat Xx

  14. I came by last night and something happened when I tried to leave a comment. Sorry about that. Wanted to make sure I let you know how lovely this string tree is. I really enjoyed it and thing this is a process I would love to try. Great IA challenge entry, too.

  15. Wow Kat..this is beautiful and so meditative..what a gorgeous piece on so many levels..very inspirational!! Yay..congrats on your followers! Shine on..keep shining and thanks for all the talent,beauty and magic you continually share on your blog!

  16. Thank you Elizabeth (& Bleubeard of course).

    Kat :-)X

  17. Victoria - you're such a sweetie, thank you for your lovely comment :-) Xx

  18. I love your string creative! :-)

  19. The red and orange is so dreamlike behind the tree, it's very striking!

  20. Very sweet! I love the use of string for the tree, it works really well. Congrats on 100 followers! Kristen from CED

  21. Fantastic picture Kat! Such a simply idea with the string, and so effective! I love the colours.

    And brilliant news on the 100 followers! Well done chuck xxx

  22. Congrats on 100 followers! How exciting.

    Your tree is wonderful. Love the use of the string. I never would have thought of that!

    Hugs to you and be sure to take some time for yourself!!

  23. art2cee2; New End Studio; Kristen; Sam; Anne....

    Thank you all for your super lovely comments.

    Kat Xx


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