Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Doors, fiction writing & TIC TOCC 17

TIC TOCC 17 can be viewed here. Sitting down to do this TIC TOCC prompt I thought of a photo I'd recently taken at Lanhydrock house and knew this image would feature in my story. So I spent ten minutes searching for & editing the photo and then sat down to do ten minutes writing. Here is my unedited writing results:

"Surprisingly the door opened inwards and only after a great deal of pushing and swearing did I fall into the dimly lit room. And then only my quick reflexes  along with some fancy 'River Dance' type footwork stopped me from falling onto the hearth and breaking the terracotta pot that sat in its center. The door opened virtually straight onto the marble fire place and only a few feet depth of wooden panelled walls surrounded me. It was like walking into an obscure closet. A quick check revealed that the room's only door was the one I'd entered through. So what was the purpose of having a massive ornate fireplace dwarfing a wardrobe sized room?
          I blinked a couple of times as my brain registered the failing light. Seems my reflexes and reactions weren't that fast after all because I barely had time to turn on my heel to see the door close heavily in my face.........."

That bit of writing fitted perfectly into a ten minute slot. Surprisingly this story wasn't the one that I'd imagined when taking the photo I used in this week's TIC TOCC 17; that is reserved for a longer piece of fiction I'm working on. Instead this bit of writing & this post's fireplace photo all came to me this evening when sitting down to do the TIC TOCC. I love it when story ideas spring into my imagination; it's such fun to think that a new world and character has suddenly been given a tiny bit of life.

This September I'm trying to find a way of balancing my creative time so that I can give time to the different mediums I like to express myself through. Over the majority of this year so far I've not spent as much time as I'd like on my fiction writing; I plan to rectify this by carving out some time this season for the fun of storytelling. With this in mind, I've recently booked to attend a day creative writing workshop in October which I'm very much looking forward to :-)
  • What creative medium/form have you not tried for a while and/or would like to give more time to this season? 
  • If you did this week's TIC TOCC please do share your experience in this post's comments and/or a link to your results. I love to see the varied directions our imaginations can take us from the same prompt.
Wishing you all a happy and creative week!

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  1. I love how you used the photo and prompt together. What a fun piece. I hope she gets out! I want to know more about that room!
    I myself would like to try to sqeeze in some painting. For years I was a straight up painter nothing else, I should try to get back there.
    I have not gotten the package yet, but am keeping an eye out for it! Sometimes, well quite often, our postal system is slow.
    Glad Tic Tocc is back! It inspired something different this week, but will work well with my story.

  2. Kat, thank you so much for your comments on my blog. Don't feel bad for not stopping by sooner. I haven't been around, either. Been missing all my blogging friends and the wonderful things they've been up to.

    Your friendship and kindness mean a lot to me. Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Missy - thank you sweetie :-) Oh yes, I'd love to see your paintings; considering your talent as an illustrator I'm sure they're fab! Xx

    Anne - you're so lovely, I'm glad our friendship means the same to us both. Hugs Xx

    Kat :-)

  4. how funny that you stopped by for a visit..I'd just been thinking of you and how I hadn't popped by in a while..true!
    I always like reading your little 10 minute writings..though it never leaves me fully satisfied..like dangling carrots!
    One of these days I'll get to sit down with a full chunky sized novel written by your delectable self :)
    However you speak about finding time for different creative mediums...i find it hard to make time for simple pleasures such as reading...never mind the sewing and painting and sketching and and...
    :) However I like the busy life I lead...never felt so FULL and vibrant!! hugs to you xx

  5. Hi Jenny - thanks for your lovely comment :-) I'm so glad you're feeling full & vibrant - you sound so happy which is fab! I too hope you get to sit down with a complete novel of mine one day because it'll mean I've finally finished & published/shared one of my books :-) Great to hear from you.
    Kat Xx

  6. I really enjoyed this little snippet of a story, thanks for sharing. I hope you/she gets out of the hidden closet alive! :-)

  7. Linked with Creative Everyday ~Love your creativity ~ enjoy the week also ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  8. iHanna - glad you enjoyed, thank you :-) I haven't decided for sure what may happen to her but it won't be easy...;-) X

    Carol & Art Muse Dog - thank you :-) X

    Kat Xx


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