Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Creating with the kids using TIC TOCC 19 & an Inspiration Avenue blog party with prizes/freebies...

Using TIC TOCC 19 I used a broken planter in my garden to inspire a piece of flash fiction. Here it is in its unedited form strictly written in 20 minutes [okay it was 21 mins if I'm honest ;-)]:

"The broken pieces were all that were left of the planter that had once symbolised so much. A wedding present given on a perfect sunny day, opened in a honeymoon suite that overlooked golden sand & turquoise sea. It had been a present from Molly's best friend Harriet and had contained a Rose bush that represented their love. 
        But when Molly came home from work early one day she had walked in the kitchen to find David embracing Molly; rubbing her back tenderly as they tightly caressed. Harriet was the most beautiful woman Molly had ever met. Harriet who turned every man's head. Hadn't she always suspected that David found her attractive? Wasn't it true David had been a little distant lately? And why was David home early from work? And why wasn't Harriet half way across the city in her office where she belonged?
         Without a word Molly pushed past the surprised pair and out into the garden. On the patio was the planter with the year old blooming red rose bush. Heavy as it was she picked it up and turning to face the treacherous two, now stood open mouthed in the back doorway, she threw the planter in their direction.
         Unfortunately, or fortunately, it didn't reach the shocked pair but to Molly's pleasure it made a satisfying smashing & cracking noise as it collided with the patio stone.
         It was some time later and after much shouting & accusation that Molly discovered that Harriet's Mother had died suddenly in an automobile accident that morning. Harriet had called Molly's work to discover she'd left work early. With Molly's phone off Harriet had rushed to their house with the hope of seeking comfort from her best friend. It just so happened that David had finished work early and had sneaked home with the intention of making dinner to surprise an overworked Molly. Instead he'd been faced with a crying distraught Harriet.
          The broken pieces still remained at the edge of the patio to remind Molly daily that she must keep her jealousy in check. Luckily she was forgiven by both husband & friend. And she learnt her lesson. Well....only occasionally did the green eyed monster escape......."

I was especially pleased to actually complete a mini story rather than just an extract this week.
Whilst I did this my 7 & 9 year old, having raided the recycling & garbage, created the following:

Above: my son made a hanging decoration using the back of a cereal packet, broken wood skewers and some used knotted string. And below: my daughter used another cereal packet to create pages of a book with pictures one side & story the other. She used the objects shown at the top of the photo (used bottle, old remote, discarded dirty felt parrot puppet, rusty horseshoe, cork & old book) as inspiration for her story.

 If you click on the photo below it will enlarge and give you a chance to read the story:

They had great fun going on a junk hunt to prepare and sat happily at the table with me creating for the 20 minutes. I think they did great.

And in other news: the Inspiration Avenue team, which I'm a proud member of, are holding a blog party this month with freebies and prizes. You are all invited! Click on the badges below for full details. Please do invite your friends by displaying these badges on your blog and/or mention in your upcoming blog posts.

                                                      16 - 23 OCTOBER 2011

I do hope you'll join us celebrate our 500+ fab followers!!

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  1. I love this story, I think you did great to encapsulate so much in 20 minutes. I'm very impressed with your children's creativity too, your daughters story is so lovely lol tfs Jenny x

  2. Your story is great! I like that you have a whole story insteada just a snippet, I think that's a challenge, great job! Your kids did a lovely job also, sounds so nice just sitting and creating with them. Gotta love a doctor Who watching parrot.
    A first, I did not write about the Crowley's.

  3. Jenny - thank you: -)

    Missy - thank you :-) Yes a Dr Who watching parrot was fab. I think she did well to include all her objects in a story in a short time. No Crowley story ;-( but I'm sure I'll love what you've done. Will go have a look next!

    Kat Xx

  4. What a GREAT story! Respect for coming up with it and finishing it in 20 minutes!
    And it's such an inspiration to see how you create with your kids. Lucky ones! If you keep open the door of creativity children naturally have standing wide open, they become happy grown ups who are not only creative in a crafting kind of way but also in the sense that they are able to create the life their soul dreams of. I love it!

  5. Well done kids - you are fabulouso - well done Kat, of course you are also amazing. You could (could? could?)begin your stories with smashing the pieces, or clearing them up - piece together the truth as you collect together the shattered parts ......?(or not :))
    m xx

  6. I really love your story.. very emotional. You just captured me with your words Kat. I love your kids' creativity too. Tictocc is doing everyone good. I will create mine today and share it on Friday. :) God bless you!

  7. And I have done it today Kat.. sharing this with you


    Thank you!

  8. Kat! Loved your story and admire you hugely for getting your kids to join in - that just wouldn't happen here.
    I've posted over at http://talesofveryordinarymadness.blogspot.com/2011/10/recycled-art-for-tictocc.html

    I've been a bit cheeky too, I need some help on how to proceed with an art project, so if anyone can, it's at the bottom of my post. I'd be very grateful xxx

    And Kat, thanks to you and your challenges, I've finally been brave enough to go and join an art class. And I love it!!! I never thought it was something I'd be able to do, and I would never have tried if you hadn't been so encouraging. So thank you ever so much xxxx

  9. Nele - thank you so much for your lovely comment :-) X

    Megan - thanks, that's a good idea :-)

    Elisa - thank you :-) I shall take a look at your TIC TOCC creations next! X

    Sam - thanks, great to hear from you & thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you've enrolled in an art class :-) I shall look forward to checking out your TIC TOCC creation in just a moment.X

    Kat xx


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