Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fire Flash Fiction for TIC TOCC 21

For TIC TOCC 21 I wrote the following piece of fire flash fiction in a 20 minute session. Trouble is I got interrupted three times so my timer had to be adjusted. This is the unedited result of my (approximately) twenty minutes of writing:

"The reflected fire light flickered across Fran's delicate pale features in an ever moving pattern of shadow and light. It reflected off the rings she wore on the hands she constantly fiddled with; fingers entwining, unwinding, rubbing and wringing. Would he recognise her? 
      Five years ago Fran had been a different woman; inside and out. Her deep auburn curls had been kept short because of the heat and practical reasons. Now posted in this cold part of the world she relied on her thick hair like she would a scarf. Five years ago she'd been eager to help people with her newly attained nursing degree but niaeve of the cruelty and suffering the world held. Five years ago she'd fallen in love with an injured aid worker named Henry. In the four weeks she nursed him, before he flew back home to France, she'd had to remain professional whilst her feelings were anything but.
           It had been coincidence she'd found Henry again. She'd been sitting in a busy cafe warming her hands around a large cup of mocha when a man in uniform had entered the cafe shouting out "Henry? Anyone seen Henry?" A group of heads had turned recognising the uniformed man. "Which one?" a small blonde girl had asked in a heavily accented Spanish accent. "Bordeaux," he'd answered.
            The second name added to the first had surely stopped Fran's heart for a moment and she choked on half swallowed mocha. One of the uniformed man's acquaintances had come over to pat her on the back and check she was okay.
             The small blonde, Maria, had let her into the shared lodge that evening. Henry had been due back an hour previous and Fran couldn't help her overactive imagination wondering if some harm had befallen him. Maybe they were not meant to be.
              The creak of the heavy door and the blast of cold air caused Fran's heart to race. She couldn't look around. She couldn't seem to breathe. She heard Maria intercept him, "Henry, you've someone here to see you." 
"Who?" his deep french accented voice melted her into a quivering wreck.
              Maria didn't have chance to answer because at that point Fran found her last reserves of strength to turn his way. Henry croaked: "Francesca?"

  • Please share your TIC TOCC experience or/and results in the comments section. I always love to learn how the weekly prompt has been interpreted by you.
In other news I have set this week's challenge prompt over at Inspiration Avenue. All this week's submissions to the Inspiration Avenue challenge get entered into a multi-prize blog party giveaway; you're invited to take a look and play along here.

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  1. This is the start of a wonderful, touching story. It makes me wonder what happens next! Great job in (approx.) 20 minutes! :-)

  2. art2cee2 - thank you :-)
    Kat Xx

  3. Oh! I didn't want it to end!! I hope you go back to this and continue their story.

    And, Kat, thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and comments and virtual hugs. I'm still struggling, but I'm hopeful.

    Sending hugs and good thoughts your way.

  4. Jo & Gemini - thank you :-)

    Anne - sending you thanks & big hugs. Xx

    Kat :-)


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