Sunday, 2 October 2011

Inspired by Spain WIP (IA)....

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge, set by the lovely Lisa Wright Stuff, was to create something inspired by Spain. As you can see this is far from finished but I wanted to share because I've already put a few hours work into its creation. It is done in watercolour & ink on Bristol Board. I was inspired by images of Spanish tiles which struck me as having a similar style to my own work. Thanks Lisa for the inspiration!

I may have got a little further with this had I not been home alone with a few hours to myself, been feeling in better health than I have in a fortnight and seduced by the sunny weather and the chance to read outside on the patio. It was one of those peaceful times when all seems good.

Please do visit all the other participants of this week's challenge by visiting the Inspiration Avenue results post on Sunday evening.

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  1. Glad to hear you having wonderful weather like us! WArmest wishes, an no, not too late - just in the nick of time :)

    Pretty piece with lots of promise.

  2. Lisa - Phew! glad I got it in in time after all the time spent trying to get it posted on my very annoying computer & then having to use different computer in the end anyway! Right, next, wrap present for kids Birthday party...busy busy but at least I got some lovely peaceful outdoor time this morning :-)Hopefully computer will be playing ball later so I can visit everyone's results!!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Kat Xx

  3. I had not even thought of the fabulous mosaic tiles all over Spain! Your WIP is awesome!

  4. The tile idea is a wonderful one and I hope you post the finished work when it is done so we can see how it turns out. Hope the sunshine continues for you xx

  5. Hi dearest Kat,
    I have missed you. Great to see you here. You sound mega busy.
    Great WIP!
    I hope to be able to do your TIC TOC challenge again soon.

  6. Beautiful start :).
    Stay inspired!

  7. What a great start on a pretty amazing piece that really DOES look like tiles. Glad to see you here at the challenge. My ISP is giving ME fits, as is blogger. I can relate to sitting in the sun with a good book rather than uploading your IA entry. It is quite lovely as is, though.

  8. reading in the sunshine's inspiring in itself :)
    Lovely artwork Kat!xx

  9. Craftymoose - thank you very much :-)

    gemma - thanks :-) I hope you get to join me with TIC TOCC soon. Xx

    Michelle - thank you :-)

    Elizabeth - thank you :-) Yes, computers & the net can be wonderful when they work but a pain when they don't!

    Megan - thanks :-) Hope you've had a chance to do some reading in the sun recently. Xx

    Kat :-) Xx


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