Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Life's Constant "re" Definition & a Juxtaposition ACEO (TIC TOCC 22)

For TIC TOCC 22 I decided to create an ACEO in my 20 minute allocated time. I tried to combine opposite concepts by making one half colour with smooth round shapes in the pattern and the other half angular lines in monochrome.

I feel as though I'm always undergoing some sort of 're' organisation. Anyone else feel like that? At the moment I am, yet again, re-discovering, re-assessing, re-defining and re-organising.

Life seems to offer constant prods (some more painful than others) that prompt constant learning & consequent change. For me, health issues seem to provide a huge portion of these catalysts. At the minute I know in my heart that a writing and art project needs my attention.  I realise I need to strip back my commitments and other projects in order to focus on this, be good to my family, safeguard my health, be true to my intuition and dreams.  So change is underway.

Am I scared?

Yes; mainly of upsetting or letting people down. But it would be more frightening if I stopped listening to my intuition and ended up more ill. So in time and at my own pace I hope to make changes some of which will be exciting and I hope will help others. I think you'll like them. I hope you will enjoy, keep me company on my journey and forgive me if I'm not visiting you in blogland as often as usual.
More details will follow....

  • Is life trying to prod you into action? Are you being shoved or gently led into a period of 're' organisation? Or perhaps you've been through a time like this and are now happily walking your 're' directed life path. 
As always, please do share your TIC TOCC experiences in the comments section.

Wishing you all a happy & creative week!

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  1. I love your piece, with the bright colors vrs. the black and white and the different shapes on the two sides, good fun! I hear ya on the reorganizing, but fraid of letting some people down. I'm weighing my options right now on what I want to pursue creatively speaking (I have too many things on my plate). Thanks for the continued inspiration and I'm sure everybody will be happy with whatever decsions you will make because it's your life, you know what's best for you!

  2. Hi, Kat, sending you huge hugs today for your wonderfully inspiring post. We're both struggling with trying to reorganize and redefine and prioritize what's truly important for us. It's very difficult, but it's also necessary.

    Thank you for encouraging me to share my struggle on my blog today. http://mygiantstrawberry.blogspot.com/2011/10/tic-tocc-only-slightly-cheating.html

    Don't worry about letting other people down. Our first priority should always be to ourselves, as hard as that may be. Hang in there!

  3. A few years ago I went through such an upheaval emotionally. I'd been burying issues under the floorboards for far too long and one day they all exploded out and knocked me flat and trampled all over me demanding attention. It took a long time to get me back but I did. However, the icing on the cake was rediscovering my creativity. Suddenly I felt I was me again! I've learnt never to let my priorities slip in such a way again.
    Thanks for your thought provoking piece today Kat.

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  5. Missy, Anne & Lisa - thank you all for your lovely thoughtful comments, support and inspiration. I shall be making my way around all your blogs to catch up on your latest posts & any TIC TOCC results.
    HUGS & thanks
    Kat XX


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