Friday, 18 November 2011

Creative with my limitations and focusing on the can-dos (AEDM2011)

To create every day you need to be able to adapt to and creatively use what each day brings.

I've wanted to create & post daily for Art Everyday Month like I managed last year. I've also yearned to visit other aedm participants and become an active part of the community like before. But this year I've been physically unable to do this. I've had to accept rest and healing time. Instead I've tried to find ways to be creative within these limitations.

For instance: It was important to put my energy into my daughter's Birthday a few days ago. I used my creative time to come up with new imaginative party games and activities and was happy that they were well received by the group of grinning girls. It wouldn't be appropriate to share the photos without parental permission but imagine giggles and plenty of creative activity. Oh and of course the prizes were an assortment of craft kits :-)

Also, whilst resting I've tried to work on projects that can be done at my own pace and from my armchair like the embroidered mandala that I did last week. (Thank you to everyone who left such supportive kind comments). And above you can see the result of me sitting down with material cuts and old buttons. I gradually matched, layered and assembled them into flower type corsages. I've used felt between layers to add dimension and was pleased to find a couple of buttons from my pre-loved collection to provide matching centres.  I'm hoping to eventually embellish these with some embroidery and attach to bags/purses.

Finding ways to create during challenging times and despite limitations keeps me positive. It gives me a positive focus on what I can-do rather than dwell on what I'm not able to do.

So I am participating in AEDM2011 in the ways I'm able to. I really hope I feel up to visiting you all soon but meanwhile thank you so so much for visiting my last few posts and leaving such lovely comments. They are a huge support.

  • Today and every day try to focus on what you 'can' do.
  • What can-dos are you celebrating? 

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Finished Embroidered Mandala (IA challenge/ AEDM days 9-11)

Its been a difficult week BUT I'm proud to say that I created a little every day and therefore finished my embroidered mandala design. For a first attempt I am happy with this and feel I've learnt a lot through the trials and errors involved in completing it. I am entering this into days 9 - 11 of Art Everyday Month and also into this week's Inspiration Avenue needlework themed challenge hosted by the lovely Hettienne.

  • When did you last try something new in your creative work? How did you find the experience?

Thank you all for your recent lovely comments & messages. I'm sorry I'm not getting much chance to visit you all but I promise to visit as and when I'm able. Therefore bit by bit I shall get to you all and enjoy seeing your creations.

Happy Weekend to you all!
My weekend will all about celebrating my daughter's Birthday.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Important Changes, TIC TOCC 23 & AEDM days 7 and 8...

AEDM days 7 & 8
Above you'll see my embroidered mandala has been taking shape over days 7 and 8 of Art Every Day Month. And I was very happy when last night I discovered that this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge is based on needlework! If I can just get it finished in time I hope to enter this.

Now this week's Wright Story Extra Newsletter & TIC TOCC is really important to me because it marks important changes, I'm proud of the challenge I've set and I'm really happy to have interviewed talented photographer Shelly Simpson.

Here's a snippet of the intro to the newsletter:
"I believe in the importance of stopping to listen to our body and intuition. Often life moves at such a fast pace it is easy to forgo this quiet contemplation. Anyhow, my inner self has been screaming out at me to settle down and write a particular book that has been growing gradually in my mind. It has also been urging me to spend a little time on my arty creations and develop my focus on creativity and wellbeing. I have recently bought new supplies in readiness for my my art ideas, I've been designing a logo to go with a new website domain I've reserved. And the book keeps begging to be written and I think now's the time. My health hasn't been too great of late and I've been struggling to do much at all. I think it is a sign for me to slow down and focus on where my intuition is trying to lead me in this moment. For this reason, for now, these newsletters and weekly TIC TOCCs are stopping for a break. If all works out I should be back with more exciting things to offer you eventually. I will still be blogging at Wright Story so please do continue to stop by my blog otherwise I'd miss you dearly. Plus I shall need your company and support even more with all the challenges ahead."

Please do go and take a look at this newsletter issue 23 and I hope you're tempted to join in with this week's TIC TOCC.

Thank you to all of you for the get well wishes. I'm making slow but steady progress. I'm just relying on a daily dash of creativity to keep me going (along with a bag full of medication obviously ;-) )

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Experiments in mandala embroidery confirming my belief in the healing power of creativity - aedm days 4,5 and 6

Still struggling health wise but trying to do a little bit every day for Art Every Day Month. I wanted to try embroidering a mandala design using some metallic threads. Here are my attempts over days 4, 5 and 6:
AEDM day 4

aedm days 5 & 6
close up of aedm days 5 & 6
What I learnt is that these very fine metallic embroidery threads require many layers of stitches to effectively show the lines of the design. I've experimented with some invented stitches and have gained experience from my mistakes. I think this project may be a long term one ;-)

What I have definitely affirmed is that even when feeling bad a little bit of creativity can help my mood immensely. It is a fact that I feel in my very being but that through times like now is reaffirmed and my beliefs strengthened.

Creativity and a bit of chocolate is definitely good for my soul and recovery ;-)

I hope to get to visit other aedm2011 participants as and when I can as it is always a pleasure to visit others and share in their inspirational journeys and art.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Art Every Day Month: Days 2 & 3

I didn't feel well enough to post yesterday but I made a start threading seed beads onto wire from my bed.  And then today I finished my beading creating it into a hanging ornament. Or I could transfer into into a bag charm or fancy key chain. Threading these tiny seed beads is hard work but I do like the sparkly charm of the glass beads. It was also my son's 8th Birthday today: Happy Birthday to my little man!

  • What did you create for AEDM2011 today/yesterday?
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Art Every Day Month: Day 1

Firstly, apologies for my lack of TIC TOCC & newsletter this week. It has been a particularly hard few days health wise & I was unable to manage it. But on the upside it is day one of Art Every Day Month 2011! I couldn't bear to miss day One  and so reached for my stack of magazines and bits and bobs box. I sat in my comfy chair and got cutting up some pages that appealed to me and using wire and old buttons created these two abstract flowers. They cheered me right up. And it felt good to be able to manage to join in with my admired blogging friend Leah's arty challenge. Why not join in and/or visit other participants here? There's inspiration, friendship  & fun to be found.

  • What creative activity do you do when your energy and abilities are limited?

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