Thursday, 3 November 2011

Art Every Day Month: Days 2 & 3

I didn't feel well enough to post yesterday but I made a start threading seed beads onto wire from my bed.  And then today I finished my beading creating it into a hanging ornament. Or I could transfer into into a bag charm or fancy key chain. Threading these tiny seed beads is hard work but I do like the sparkly charm of the glass beads. It was also my son's 8th Birthday today: Happy Birthday to my little man!

  • What did you create for AEDM2011 today/yesterday?
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  1. That is so dainty and really pretty, Kat, and I loved your flowers from day 1.

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well - that's brilliant to make something so lovely and blog it when you're under the weather.

    I saw a presentation from Leah on 'Goddess Guidebook's summit last month, she's really inspirational. Looking forward to seeing what else you make over the moth xx

    If you don't mind Kat, I'm going to send you a message on 'facebook' to pick your brains about Etsy. I'd love to hear what you think when you're feeling well enough to answer xxx

  2. Really pretty charm/dangle. Sorry you're not well Kat, but well done you for still managing to get some creative juices flowing, well I feel rubbish I give completely in. Hope you feel better soon, hugs xx

  3. Hi Kat, That's a beautiful ornament. I love the blue and red petal shape at the end. Hope your son had a great birthday!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments.
    Sam - I shall get to email/fbook you very soon about etsy.
    Jennibellie - thank you :-)
    Dave - thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such a kind comment :-)

    Kat Xx


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