Sunday, 6 November 2011

Experiments in mandala embroidery confirming my belief in the healing power of creativity - aedm days 4,5 and 6

Still struggling health wise but trying to do a little bit every day for Art Every Day Month. I wanted to try embroidering a mandala design using some metallic threads. Here are my attempts over days 4, 5 and 6:
AEDM day 4

aedm days 5 & 6
close up of aedm days 5 & 6
What I learnt is that these very fine metallic embroidery threads require many layers of stitches to effectively show the lines of the design. I've experimented with some invented stitches and have gained experience from my mistakes. I think this project may be a long term one ;-)

What I have definitely affirmed is that even when feeling bad a little bit of creativity can help my mood immensely. It is a fact that I feel in my very being but that through times like now is reaffirmed and my beliefs strengthened.

Creativity and a bit of chocolate is definitely good for my soul and recovery ;-)

I hope to get to visit other aedm2011 participants as and when I can as it is always a pleasure to visit others and share in their inspirational journeys and art.

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  1. Your mandala is coming along beautifully. I understand all too well as creativity is my survival! AEDM couldn't have come at a better time :). Sending feel good vibes ~~~ your way.
    Stay inspired!

  2. Oh, have you seen this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue? You already have a great start on an entry!

    This is going to be stunning...I love the metallic threads. I think needlework is a perfect artform for when one is convalescing. Years ago, when I had a broken leg and couldn't get around much, I did a lot of embroidery. Somehow it was easier than painting and just as satisfying :)

    I hope you are feeling better!

  3. Michelle - thank you :-) I know you understand all too well! Thank you for your support. X

    Maggie - thank you :-) I only noticed last night & couldn't believe my luck that the theme was needlework. :-)) Now I've just got to get it finished in time!X

    Kat Xx


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