Friday, 23 December 2011

Tested Yet Blessed...Wishing you all a Happy Christmas

So sorry I've abandoned blogland for so long. I've come back to wish you all:
Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays 
A Happy New Year 2012!

Also I wanted to share the little pre-Christmas creativity I've managed with my children (the above snowman decoration was made by my two babes). And to share a story with a positive ending....

I am used to having health problems but I've just got the other side of a particularly testing couple of months which pushed my limits. Yet I did get the other side of it, am doing quite well now (albeit a little more fragile) and have been repeatedly blessed by kindness & friendship. The help, patience & generosity we've been shown by amazing friends and even strangers proves how loving the human spirit is. We've received unfailing support and care from our amazing friends, listening ears, practical help, gifts and treats from much.  And I feel humbled, grateful and blessed.  I just wanted to share with you the good that came from bad so that if you're having a really bad time you may know that its worth holding on and keeping hope because so much love and light does exist even in or following the darkest times.

My health has reduced my creative energy but as I started to feel better the past fortnight I've primarily focused on creating with my children (who, at just eight and ten years,  have been amazing through all the bad times). Below is a glimpse of making cards for grandparents with stamps, ink, embossing powder and peel-offs:

Last weekend was my good friend's 50th Birthday and below is the card I made her using wood, glitter peel-offs, card & ribbon:

And in the past few days I've been working alongside mine and my friend's children, painting canvases to adorn their bedroom walls. My friend's children had both just had their bedrooms decorated and needed pictures for their walls. We've been working together on large canvas paintings using acrylic. For her November Birthday my daughter changed the colour scheme in her room with new soft furnishings and so she is painting a large canvas to match. Then my son, who has not altered his bedroom at all, still wanted to paint with us and produced this lovely piece:

I feel my creative self beginning to gain inspiration, slowly unfurling after hibernation and rest. I very much hope that not too far into the New Year I will be recovered enough to be an active blogger and be busy creating again. Meanwhile, thinking of you all and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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