Sunday, 26 February 2012

"Texture" work in progress (IA) & becoming an Olympic athlete

This week's Inspiration Avenue Challenge was "Texture". I had so little time this week but wanted to share my work in progress inspired by this challenge. In fact it gave me the push I needed to make a start. I do love building layers and textures in a mixed media piece. It reminds me of building a story and the act of creating takes me on a journey with a flexible destination depending on how it develops. I've glued string and wooden shapes on a 10 by 10 inch, deep edged canvas. Since taking these photos I've added two layers of paint. We only just got back from doing a carboot sale half hour before the deadline and so I didn't get time to take the latest photos. But below you can view this from a different angle.

I shall try show the finished piece as soon as I've finished.  It has been a super busy week which I'm pleased to say I've handled well health wise. Hurrah! My friend had a 40th Birthday fancy dress party yesterday. So I spent much of the week desgning and making costumes for a group of friends that would help us transform into comical Olympic atheltes. We all had our individual specialism and a funny quote on the back. Mine (thought of by my good friend & in reference to my mobility problems) was "SPRINTER: 0-60 in...well...never!"  On the front of the t-shirts I transfer printed appropriate wording for us coming from Cornwall like 'Cornish Olympic Team: fuelled by pasties and racing dreckly to the finish line'. For those of you who don't know pasties are Cornwall's most famous food. And 'dreckly' means you'll get there all in good time and is a tribute to the laid back affable Cornish character. I also made accessories like earings and sweat bands etc. It was lots of work but great creative fun and our friend was happy at the amusing effort we made.

Do take a look at the other entries into this week's Inspiration Avenue 'Texture' challenge - there's bound to be oodles of beautiful talent to view. Thank you to Maggie who hosted this week's challenge!

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Wishing you all a Happy and Creative week!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Making space for the new...50% off voucher for my shop

My blog posts aren't usually commercials but I wanted to share with you that I'm having a sale in my etsy shop to make way for some new designs I'm working on.   To claim a 50% discount all you need to do is use coupon code "PRESPRING50" at the checkout.

Using your discount code will mean you can grab bargains from only 50p to £7.00 making some affordable gifts for all. And yes I do ship worldwide. Please do take a look now. The sale begins today and will end on the 2nd March after which time many of the unsold items will become unavailable.
Thank you for reading :-)

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rocking Horse & Bubble Blowing Happiness.... (IA, CED2012)

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge is being co-hosted by (Bleubeard and) Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover. Anyone who follows Elizabeth will know she collects rocking horses and has over 400. This is my rather amateur attempt at doodling a rocking horse. I named him 'Happy' because drawing and colouring him made me happy. I know there's a lot of pink for him to be a boy but he is a boy - I just know it :-) 

Over at Free Spirit Life Shannon has a post entitled 'Laugh More, Play More, Love More' . This energising post reminds us to slow down and enjoy the moment. She challenges her readers to laugh, play and love more in February. Like Shannon, I believe we can all learn from being with and emulating children's attitudes. I often read Shannon's posts at just the right moment and regularly we're in synchronisation. This week is no exception.  I am trying hard to immerse myself in the moment, find the joy in the small details and be completely present when with my children. A couple of days ago my friend's three year old begged me to go outside and blow bubbles with her. I was tired, it was very cold and I wanted to talk to her Mum inside. But I realised I shouldn't pass up precious fun moments. I was well enough and so I decided to grab the opportunity. We had a fantastic time with our bubble wands, admiring the pretty colours and the way the bubbles danced in the breeze. Our imaginations soared with the bubbles, some of which flew to visit the moon. Priceless. During that time I didn't worry about medical stuff, bills or anything. I simply delighted in the wonder of the moment, caught up in the giggles and simple joy we shared. Drawing and colouring this rocking horse wasn't quite as wonderful but I did experience the childlike joy of colouring 'Happy' into a multi-colour existence.
  • Have you recently done anything for the simple joy of it? Have you allowed your child self the freedom to kick back and enjoy a simple pleasure? 
  • If not: give it a go. And maybe you'd like to join Shannon in her 'Laugh, Play and Love More challenge'.
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