Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rocking Horse & Bubble Blowing Happiness.... (IA, CED2012)

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge is being co-hosted by (Bleubeard and) Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover. Anyone who follows Elizabeth will know she collects rocking horses and has over 400. This is my rather amateur attempt at doodling a rocking horse. I named him 'Happy' because drawing and colouring him made me happy. I know there's a lot of pink for him to be a boy but he is a boy - I just know it :-) 

Over at Free Spirit Life Shannon has a post entitled 'Laugh More, Play More, Love More' . This energising post reminds us to slow down and enjoy the moment. She challenges her readers to laugh, play and love more in February. Like Shannon, I believe we can all learn from being with and emulating children's attitudes. I often read Shannon's posts at just the right moment and regularly we're in synchronisation. This week is no exception.  I am trying hard to immerse myself in the moment, find the joy in the small details and be completely present when with my children. A couple of days ago my friend's three year old begged me to go outside and blow bubbles with her. I was tired, it was very cold and I wanted to talk to her Mum inside. But I realised I shouldn't pass up precious fun moments. I was well enough and so I decided to grab the opportunity. We had a fantastic time with our bubble wands, admiring the pretty colours and the way the bubbles danced in the breeze. Our imaginations soared with the bubbles, some of which flew to visit the moon. Priceless. During that time I didn't worry about medical stuff, bills or anything. I simply delighted in the wonder of the moment, caught up in the giggles and simple joy we shared. Drawing and colouring this rocking horse wasn't quite as wonderful but I did experience the childlike joy of colouring 'Happy' into a multi-colour existence.
  • Have you recently done anything for the simple joy of it? Have you allowed your child self the freedom to kick back and enjoy a simple pleasure? 
  • If not: give it a go. And maybe you'd like to join Shannon in her 'Laugh, Play and Love More challenge'.
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  1. Well, I for one, am overjoyed with your simply awesome (childlike) rocking horse. He IS a cutie.

    Yesterday I took some time to visit a local park and it did a whole lot of good for my feelings and self worth. Getting out in the sun helped, but I admit, my weather was a lot better than how you described yours. Thank you beyond words for this great post and totally adorable rocking horse.

  2. Pretty, charming, happy horse- love the words you've put at his feet, too.

  3. Nice post! I think playfulness is the key to creativity, for exactly the reason you say - the mind unhooks itself from doctor/dentist/bills and takes flight, like those bubbles. And pleasure is good for the mind, body and spirit :)

  4. really sweet and so charming

  5. Aww, he is really adorable! So colorful and the words along the rocker is such a nice touch.

  6. I LOVE this Kat. Yes, we are totally in synch. In fact, we played with bubbles just yesterday and I'm planning to post the photos on my blog today. Too funny. Here's to many more playful moments. Enjoy your day. And as always - thank you for your recent comments. I am so happy to know you! xo

  7. Wow, I'm on the same page as well! "Explore as a child" has been my mantra this week. I was amazed to read this in your post. Love your rocking horse! Its very sweet. xo

  8. I need to look for those simple joys!

    I have given you an award on my blog. Come on over to check it out.

  9. What a great little rocking horse! He is definitely cute.

    I, for one, and definitely someone who should take some time and just doing something for the pure joy of it. Great post.

  10. Such a cute rocking horse! I have to remind myself to stop being the grown up and be a child with my kids! I would love to run around in my three year olds imagination for a day - she is so inspiring!

    Great post

  11. Elizabeth - thank you & thanks for the inspiration :-) Glad you had a good trip to the park & your weather is good :-)

    New End Studio - thank you :-)

    jenny - thanks :-) I love your comment: so true and well put!

    PetraB - thank you :-)

    Craftymoose - thank you :-)

    Shannon - aw thank you :-) Hurrah to being in sync & to meeting you in this bloggy world! Xx

    Rhonda - more syncronisation - wow, how fab!:-) Thank you X

    Mlissabeth - thank you:-) And thanks for the award - I shall go & check it out! X

    Julie - thank you so much :-) Go for it, go play & enjoy!

    Kirstin - thank you :-) Kids are a great inspiration!

    Kat :-) Xx

  12. Kat I know what you mean, pink or no pink that is definitely a boy horse! He's wonderful, I can see why creating him made you happy :)

    Blowing bubbles is fab - makes you breathe more deeply and calms you down too! I'm an advocate of doing things just for the joy of them - we've only had a teeny bit of snow here but managed a couple of snowballs before it started melting ;) x

  13. I love your little "Happy"! "Real Horses Wear Pink" LOL He looks happy and content to be!
    We always need to feed the child in us, what a great way to do it by blowing bubbles!


  14. I love your horse! It's as if he was a piece of a patchwork quilt who popped off his seams and came to life :-D Good luck with finding the joy in everything and being present in everything, whether it's family time, art time, or time for you-- I am confident you will do it! <3

  15. artangel - thank you :-) I'm glad its not just me 'knowing' he's a boy :-)) Snowballs are a great way to get in touch with play. We had no snow at all :-(

    IM Girl - love your comment "Real horses wear pink!" Fab! Thanks :-)

    craftydvl - thank you for your lovely supportive comment :-) And I liked the idea of a patchwork quilt coming to life - great story idea :-)

    Kat Xx

  16. Your rocking horse is so cute, love it! What a lovely story! Had a dance party the other day with my four year old!

  17. Thanks Missy :-) A dance party with your four year old sounds like a great way to kick back & enjoy life in the moment :-)
    Kat XX

  18. Kat, I'm glad to see that you're back and feeling up to being creative again.Yes, treasure every moment and be in it as much as you can. Do take care of yourself. x

  19. Great post, Kat! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading and it was a Joy to read this post. I've been trying to focus on the small Joys this year and you're reminding me to enjoy life like a child. Yes, yes, yes! I love blowing bubbles and haven't done it recently. Reminds me of when a couple girlfriends and I were having a weekend getaway. We stopped at a shop that had sidewalk chalk and bubbles out front for people to play with. We all drew with the chalk and blew bubbles together and it was such fun just to PLAY!

    Hugs to you.


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