Monday, 30 April 2012

"Connections" mixed media for Round Robin journal...

These journal pages were created for a Round Robin journal swap that I'm part of. It is inspired by my belief that every connection we make with others plays an important part of our lives; some more significant than others. I am constantly grateful for having wonderful friends and having met many inspirational people on and offline. This Round Robin is a connection in itself and I feel lucky to have connected with the inspirational participants. Blogging has opened up a whole world of connections with interesting talented people like you! My other influence was the Creative Everyday April theme of 'language' which seems to fit perfectly with communication and connection.

Pay attention to the people that pass through your life; they may be there for a reason.

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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Frida Fiesta Challenge Mandala

This mandala was one step away from the wood burner the whole way through its creation. I'm feeling so stuck creatively and it scares me not having the normal buzz of ideas and enthusiasm. My husband wisely (don't tell him I mentioned wise and him in a sentence otherwise he may become insufferable) told me to go through the motions and eventually it will come back. Therefore I made myself sit down ignore my aches pains and doubts and just try. Every time I hated this mandala and wanted to burn it I restrained myself, took a break and tried again. In the end I like it, most of all because it accompanied me on a journey and contributes to my story. This mandala was originally inspired by Priti Lisa's Inspiration Avenue Team challenge Frida Fiesta. Frida Kahlo was, in part, inspired by Mexican folk and indigenous art and I researched these images for inspiration. But in the end it was Frida's determination and bravery to make art whilst dealing with severe health problems that inspired me most whilst creating this mandala.

Thank you Priti Lisa for your inspiration.

  • Who or what inspires you to keep creating when the going gets tough?

Wishing you all a Happy and Creative Holiday weekend!

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