Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cornwall Claimed My Heart (IA Art with Heart)

This week's theme at Inspiration Avenue is Art with Heart. Many years ago, Cornwall stole my heart with its beauty, history and mythology. We moved here over twelve years ago after it bewitched us. Since then Cornwall has continued to inspire me and has become the heart of most of my creative work in some form or other.  I've often posted coastal or woodland photos on my blog. But the rich mystical history in Cornwall also feeds my creativity. The above photo is of Restormel castle I took recently. A 13th Century castle with a wealth of historical stories surrounding it, set in beautiful countryside and close to where I live. Below are a few more photos I've taken in Cornwall recently. These are of Helman Tor, a hill with Neolithic stone that is just a few miles from me:

Due to my mobility I've never managed to get to the top but my children love to explore the 'rooms' and 'stone seats' and 'hiding places' up there. These pictures were on a day when I made (with help) the huge and happy achievement of getting a little further than the highest car park for the first time and so was able to take some photos. It is a wonderful place to exercise the imagination and fuel creativity. Click on the place names to view links that will tell you more about these two ancient sites.

Life feels very busy at the minute and my blog has suffered but hopefully you'll enjoy these photos as a way of making up for my abandonment :-)

This weekend we have the Olympic Torch passing right past our front door. Dances are being practiced, houses decorated (my kids have gone paper chain making crazy), flags up and gatherings organised; should be a fun piece of history in the making.
  • What/Who is at the heart of your creativity?
Wishing you all a happy and creative weekend!

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