Saturday, 28 July 2012


This week's Inspiration Avenue theme is 'Swirls' set by the lovely talented Maggie. Swirls are one of my favourite things to draw & my many doodles are saturated with them as are my mandala creations. There's something therapeutic about drawing swirls and in repeating them within a doodle I can get lost in the smooth action of creating the curves. Swirls also fit with the Creative Every Day July 'round' theme.

The obvious thing for me to have done for this challenge is a mandala or doodle but I thought I'd try something a little different. And as promised I changed from my pink/purple colour scheme to favour blues and greens. Although, admittedly, I just had to include a small pink embroidery swirl at the centre. I couldn't help myself! :-)

Working on canvas paper I first used liquid masking fluid to paint a central swirl. Then after it dried I painted layers of colours (because this didn't fit on the scanner you'll have to imagine the more subtle colour layers that can't be seen with this photo) using a mixture of fabric stain and acrylic paint.
 After drying I peeled off the masking fluid to reveal the grungy white swirl. Then using a paper pricking tool I punched swirl patterns then stitched them using embroidery thread.

This was a fun project because I got to play with different mediums and techniques. Thanks Maggie for the inspiration.

If you visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon you'll be able to see how everyone else interpreted the swirl theme. With so many talented artists participating weekly you'll be sure to enjoy and be inspired!

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Working Round (CED)

The Creative Everyday theme this month is "Round" which for a mandala lover like me seems like the perfect theme :-) The above 'round' creation was made from cutting up mainly pieces of my hand painted (in ink & acrylic) background papers
and some bought handmade paper. I collaged/layered, cut and glued to my heart's content. I found it a therapeutic experience. Plus I got a buzz from using up small left over pieces of my hand painted papers. I hate to waste anything. In fact I am very low on my hand painted papers and find myself relishing the excuse to get out my paints & inks to create more.

Creating in the round, for me, is a calming experience. Adding the repeated shapes, patterns and doodles is therapeutic for me.

  • What type of creating do you find the most relaxing? Cutting, gluing, doodling, knitting.....or something else?

This mandala type creation may become part of a larger piece for the Round Robin journal girls but I've not decided yet.

For my next piece I may need to force myself out of my pinks/reds/purples colour comfort zone.

Wishing you all a happy & creative week & weekend!

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