Friday, 24 August 2012

A tale written for those who inspire me & a RR journal pages spoiler)

August is the month I've taken care of and added to Kim's gorgeous journal. This month I used a variety of ideas & techniques including: blending with acrylics & ink, drawing in ink, stamping (I used a Docrafts/Papermania urban stamp collection that I bought especially because of Kim's bird themed journal), layering & collage, creative writing and more mandala work. I spent many many hours and thoroughly enjoyed it. The multiple layers of stamps, paint, ink & paper really lent itself to a fun play time. Let me take you through my four pages....

First a close up of 'Loriel' the bird whose tale I create on page four. I struggle to draw anything realistic but I tried my best with this:

Then the page adjacent to Loriel:

 I used Pitt gold and Indian ink pens to create this mandala.

I then cut part of it out so that this page would open to reveal the next - like this (I have to say the other participants of this swap inspired me to do this with their own creative use of the pages) :

The next two pages look like this:

I didn't want the underside of the mandala to remain plain so I stamped, played with paint/ink and layered papers to create a title page for Loriel's story:

I then typed my story & printed it onto handmade paper ripping the paper border and edging with ink before gluing it on my paint/ink/stamp layered background:

Lorien's story is inspired by the round-robin journal girls, my children and all my bloggy friends who regularly help me create. It may be a little twee but its from the heart & is a thank you to all who inspire and encourage. I have a slightly longer version brewing in my imagination but this is the tale as told in and for Kim's journal:

Loriel didn’t look like the rest of his family.
He didn’t have their predominately brown feathers and the red
chests that all Robins displayed proudly; a symbol of their
heritage and belonging. Even his bird-song was different to theirs.
Loriel longed to belong to the Robin clan whose many entrusted tasks
included keeping an eye on children for Santa so that he would have
help deciding who was naughty or nice.
When Loriel asked his Mum why his feathers were vibrant hues
of rainbow colours and his song so at odds with the Robins she told him:
“Because you are special Loriel; your colours and kind happy
nature are a gift from the Rainbow spirits.”
“But I want to be like you and all the other Robins,” Loriel admitted sadly.
“Don’t ever wish you were something you’re not,” his Mum advised,
“for you have a special purpose and an important talent.”
“What is it?” Loriel asked eagerly.
“You are an Inspiration bird. You will bring joy and inspiration to
all you meet,” she told him.
“How?” he asked, unable to imagine how he could undertake such a task.
“By being your beautiful true self.”
“Is that all?” Loriel was doubtful.
“That’s all that can be expected by anyone. And much joy
can come from sharing your true nature.”
From that day, Loriel gladly sang his songs with love and proudly displayed
his colourful plumage. He inspired others to create stories, art and
music wherever he visited. They told of Loriel the rainbow
coloured bird of inspiration who happily belonged to the Robin clan.

©Katina Wright 2012

So I wave goodbye to Kim's beautiful journal and send it on its way to its next host!

Its a busy time with visits and visitors during this school holidays. Hope you're all having a good summer.
Wishing you all a happy & creative summer!
Kat Xx

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

What Inspires Me...July RR journal swap (Stephanie) *spoiler*


July's joy in the post was Stephanie's journal. Another gorgeous journal for me to hold in my hands & admire :-) Stephanie asked what inspires us. This collage of images represents some of my inspiration - Cornwall, the sea, music, mandala art, whimsey, mixed media.... I'm never able to match the standard of the other very talented ladies in this swap and I don't try to. Instead I just try to add a bit of me. That included my love of doodling and this mixed media mandala:

I painted some canvas paper and then cut it up to create the collaged shapes. Then I embroidered part of the design. A little bit of paint and pen work and I had a mandala inspired sun.

The whole piece is meant to reflect my whimsical imagination and so I blended some of my favourite colours and images in curvy flowing lines and included a little fairytale stamp. I wanted it to have a fantasy 'head in the clouds' feel that portrays my character :-)

I used liquid masking tape to save some white to write on after the paint was dry. However, yet again, I badly planned out the spacing of the words. Nevertheless they are my words and they also illustrate what inspires me. I hope Stephanie likes this; it is always a bit nerve wracking committing to someone elses journal however, at the same time it is a joyful honour.

These past few months have been amazing in that my health has been stronger than its been in years but this increased ability to engage with the outside world has meant I've been so busy enjoying this opportunity that I've neglected much of my writing/creative time. However, I see this improvement in my health as a gift and I I take each day to make the most of this, especially as I'm never sure what the next day will bring. Meanwhile I carry a notebook and camera with me. And this journal swap has been the greatest gift as an inspiration, focus and treasured opportunity to connect with such amazing creative women.

  • Who/what has inspired you this week?

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