Sunday, 14 October 2012

Challenging myself: Creating, craft sales & a lot of IA ORANGE...

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge is 'orange' and making my cards I felt orange dominating  a few designs!
This year I've been well enough to tick off a few things off my 'haven't-been-well enough-to-do-for-a-few-years' list. The items on the list have been for most people fairly small things like collecting the children from school and joyfully driving short distances again; but they've meant the world to me. A couple of months ago I got asked to host a Body Shop At Home party. Usually I would have no where near enough strength to play hostess to lots of people but this time I said yes. A big part of me wanted to do it for my nearly 11 year old daughter who always envied her friends whose Mums did girly home sales like this. I felt nervous that I'd be well enough on the day but I decided to think positive. I then had the idea that I could also make a few cards and items of jewellery from my mandala designs to display on the evening. This gave me a creative focus for a few weeks which mentally/holistically has done me a lot of good.

Lots of ladies joined me for a lovely evening of chat & giggles. I didn't sell a lot, just a few items and the above was what is left. But it didn't matter because I'd managed to tick another thing off my list, enjoyed a creative focus and increase my confidence in the process.

  • What challenge have you set yourself recently? Small or big.
I think the important thing to remember is to not pressurise yourself, ignore the pesky voice of self-criticism/doubt and be sure to congratulate yourself on any achievement, no matter how small. 

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  1. Congratulations on successfully hosting the party! I love the mandala cards and the pendants especially! Will you put them in your Etsy shop?

    I'm so happy you've joined up with IA this week! I always think of orange as not-everybodys-favorite-color. Even though I love it. I was surprised how many others like it too :)


    1. Thanks Maggie :-) Yep, I plan to get on an photograph/scan the cards in so that I can put on my etsy shop which has been empty for many months.
      Kat Xx

  2. These will be terrific in your Etsy shop. The mandalas are so colorful!

  3. Lour Anne - thank you :-) I plan to get some in my etsy shop asap. Katins X

  4. Hi, Kat! Glad to hear you've been doing well. No worries about keeping in touch, I totally understand being busy!

    I love what you say about not pressuring yourself and ignoring self criticism. So, so true. And hard to do sometimes.

    Your cards and jewelry look lovely grouped together like that. Congrats!!

    Sending you lots of good thoughts and virtual hugs!

  5. Anne - thank you sweetpea :-)
    Kat X

  6. Hey Kat!
    Your mandalas are always so beautiful and I agree with Anne, they look so lovely in a collection.The orange predominance seems so apt for healing and meditation..reminds me of the bright orange robes of the buddhist monks on a visit to Bangkok many moons ago.
    Sending a big THANKYOU for the smile created from your lovely comment, I think it was the image of your husband wearing shorts in winter that clinched it :) So my current trial with small child and clothes may indeed be in vain hehe!:)
    Huge hugs to you and big thanks to your "tweenager" too for her lovely comment...I take it as a huge compliment indeed :)xx

    1. Jenny - somehow this lovely comment got lost in my spam folder. A very belated thank you for it :-) Kat Xx

  7. Hurrah for achieving goals, big or small! More power to you :)

    Your cards are lovely and your mandalas make great jewellery designs.

    The most recent goal I've achieved? I think finishing my pages in your journal! I'll have it on it's way home to you in the next day or so x

    1. Angie - somehow your comment got lost in my spam folder. A very belated thank you for your lovely comment :-) Kat Xx


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