Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Beginnings - Magical Journal Journey....

In March we start our next round robin art journal swap based on individually chosen colour themes and entitled 'Magical Journal Journeys'. I posted my completed journal to Lisa today. I was quite pleased with it except for the fact I got so involved in the process of creating that I forgot about weight and the associated postage costs. I will be sending my friends money to help with postage or else may have to reconstruct the journal. The latter option does not appeal because after many many hours in creating I've grown quite attached to it. Anyhow, here's a photo story of my finished journal box, they're not great photos but hopefully will be enough to give you an idea......  

After both flaps are opened the middle section holds nine individual booklets for each participant to create in.

In my booklet I created pages to welcome everyone and space for them to sign in and share their thoughts on colour.

I used a mixture of inks, embossing powder and acrylic paint to create these backgrounds. I applied them with rubber stamps, cloth and textured brayer/roller.

Inside the journal box the other eight booklets are waiting to be created in. Each has a double page of canvas paper, a silver tag and the cover is in silver card. I haven't secured the pages because it will be easier to create in them first before fixing together.

I'm excited for the swap to start and to enjoy each of the colour schemes and the journals created for them. The beginning of a new 'Magical Journal Journey' is about to begin and I'm so looking forward to being part of it.

  • Do you have any creative projects to begin or that have just begun? Please do share; I'd love to hear about them.
Happy Creating :-)!
Kat XX

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Staying Creatively Sane(ish)....

Time and time again my belief in the benefits of creativity is reinforced in my everyday life. This past fortnight a fluey virus has been doing the rounds which has seen me at different times as nurse and patient at home. There have been a few troublesome but not serious stresses to deal with and along with the general chaos of everyday living I've felt the strain. It has taken me a few days just to post on this blog because every time I sat at the computer to write I'd fall asleep! But yet again, making time to create despite having not felt like it - whether it be doodling in the middle of the night when I'm awake with spasms, scribbling down a story, working on my round robin journal or painting with the kids -  being creative this week has been my relief and healing balm. Something soothing and meditative happens when I focus on bringing forth a creation even if it is a rough doodle. The two felt pieces displayed above and below will be inside covers for my journal box that I've been working on.

Its hard to capture on camera/scan the sparkly silver thread that I used to embroider the 'Welcome' and 'Si-lver' so you'll have to imagine how this lifts the overall pieces. I've done much of these in the wee hours with sleepy eyes or in the day when I've not slept very well the preceding night. Therefore the stitching is not perfect and I only know about 3 stitches anyway. But I hope the mix of texture that thread, felt, silver coloured buttons and charms adds will add to the feel of the journal.

Then a few days ago when the kids were feeling a bit better my son asked if we could paint together. These were some of the results:

The top and bottom left are two of my eleven year old daughter's paintings. I love her painting and drawing style that shows at even her young age. The bottom right is a canvas my nine year old did and is now hanging on my living room wall. I think somehow he's been influenced by my doodling and mandalas but is also developing his own style. The top right I included was a silly painting I did to spark a bit of creative story telling between us. We asked 'what's that coming over the hill?'. I just kept adding layers of paint with no plan or idea myself. We created stories that included everything from a firework factory explosion to a giant with a colourful beehive type hairstyle. We had lots of giggles and despite originally feeling too rough to bother I was glad I did. I felt lighter in spirit and mentally energised even if physically exhausted. Plus, spending quality time with my children in this way is a gift I treasure.

  • How has your creative time (or lack of it) influenced your wellbeing and mood this week?

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative rest of the week and weekend!
And - Sending you much love on Valentines Day today :-)

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Friday, 1 February 2013

New Journal Making Adventures & Winners....

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to Jo Murray & Vicki (Hula-la) who were the winners of our Joy In The Post Blog Party giveaway. They each receive a journal and stash of art/craft goodies to help them make their own art journal and round robin swap. If you were inspired to organise or participate in your own art journal round robin then take a look at this inspiring post written by Lisa full of tips.

This week I've been trying to make a journal for our next swap. I've used ideas from Sue M Doggett's book 'Handmade Books'. Trouble is, for my first attempt, I may have over reached in trying to adapt her own instructions. Maybe I should have made it easier on myself. Never mind; it will be unique. My colours for our themed swap are 'Magenta, Teal and Silver'. Here, in a photo story, are my attempts so far at making a journal box full of individual journals.

  • What new creative skill/method have you tried recently? How did it go?
  • OR if you haven't tried anything new in a while: what creative medium/method/style would you like to try your hand at? What attracts you to this art form?

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative weekend!
Kat :-)

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