Sunday, 31 March 2013

I'm back....with some Creative Easter Fun and a teaser....

So where have I been? Why haven't I posted on my blog for so long? There are a few reasons and answers many of which will be revealed as time goes on. But in short, we had our first ever family holiday abroad which was amazing. We stopped near & visited Paris and the surrounding area. More French inspired photos and art will no doubt creep into my blog over the coming months :-) Following our return I had a real low and period of change - you may know the kind. Reassessing and contemplating. Anyhow, I'm starting to come out of this low time slowly and have started to make positive changes. One of these has been a re-commitment to my fiction writing and positive progress has already been made. More news of that to come soon too. Meanwhile: Happy Easter & Happy Spring Season. I got seasonally creative with the kids yesterday using Marabu marbling paints. Here are a few photos of the children and I (although I'm not in shot) having fun.  And after you've seen these at the end of this post is a little teaser for my next post....

Now the teaser is for my work for our Magical Journal Journey art journal swap. This month I've been working on Angie's journal and I've very nearly finished (albeit later than planned). She chose a colour scheme of 'white' which I found a huge challenge. Here are a few teaser photos of the work in progress as of a few days ago (check back soon for the finished pages):

  • Have you done anything creative to celebrate Easter/Spring? Please do share.
Enjoy the Spring holidays!
Kat Xx

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  1. White on white is no easy task.... you are really doing some lovely work on this.

    1. Jo - thank you :-) I'm just about to post the finished pages... Kat :-) x

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours. Looks like you are having fun. Beautiful work in Angies journal, lovely layers and texture.

    1. Angie - painting those eggs and marbling the paper was great addictive fun indeed :-) Thanks for your lovely comment - I'm just about to post a spoiler of the finished pages!... Kat Xx


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