Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Magical Journal Journey finished pages in Angie's journal - Belated SPOILER!!!

The first journal I received on our 2013 Magical Journal Journey art journal swap was Angie's gorgeous 'white' themed beauty. I loved her pretty vintage feel pages but admittedly was scared stiff of creating completely in white. I am so used to using bright colours that it was our of my comfort zone yet this ended up being a very enjoyable challenge. I used a variety of textures: all sorts of papers that I punched shapes from & embossed, I hand sewed as much as I could for extra interest and added a variety of buttons, beads and ribbons. I also wrote an acrostic musing on 'WHITE' to go on a tag. Many hours, swearing at needles that wouldn't thread and repeatedly pricking  my fingers yet bizarrely thoroughly enjoying the experience - I finally came up with the following pages:

Thank you Angie for inspiring and challenging me :-)
Now to open the parcel that I received a couple of hours ago and that contains Lisa (Priti) journal and discover my next challenge and the gorgeous art so far created in there.

  • How have you recently challenged yourself creatively?
My greatest challenge this past fortnight has been my renewed and serious commitment to my fiction writing. The past couple of years I've lost a lot of my confidence but encouraged by my fabulous supportive friends I am once again taking my fiction writing seriously. I've been building up my writing muscles, have started to write regularly and with a view to send stories to agents/publishers. So far, in the past fortnight, I've nearly completed a junior children's book and been working on another story for older children. I've gone from being able to write 400 words in a sitting to 1500+ in one session. I feel exhilerated each time I write a little more of the stories in my head and look forward to sharing them. I'll keep you posted...

Kat :-) Xx

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