Saturday, 4 May 2013

April's Magical Journal Journey pages & home invasion nightmare....

After two months of not having a proper kitchen, a house full of builders, dirt and clutter - the renovation work is complete!! Hurrah! Not having a space to create or a home to ourselves has been very difficult on us all. Now we just have to tidy, sort and try to make things homely again.

For April I was gifted Lisa DiNunzio's beautifully bound journal to create in. Her theme was the colour blue. I have had to try and create on my bed, windowsill and trays which was far from ideal. I finished a little late and some parts were limited/affected by circumstance but here are my finished pages:

I began by collecting together all the 'blue' I could find in my creative stash. I used paper punches and my collection of blue papers to create the components for the blossom and leaves for this mystical tree. I then embellished with beads and added extra texture with material and stitching. I then wrote a character story for the tree: casting it in the role of the mystical 'Mother Tree'.

For the other pages I continued to stitch together fabric, paper, ribbon and bead embellishments to create a representation of the sea and my imagined Sea Angels that live there. I wrote a couple of paragraphs of fiction alluding to the Sea Angels I imagine.

Lots of fidddy components to these pages most of which were stitched together but also partly glued in places.

 Pritis Lisa (Lisa D) loves art that represents the Virgin Mary and the divine feminine. I had a stamp that I thought she'd like and embossed and glittered the image. I placed it on top of a tag background I painted using acrylics:

I then adorned the tag with some arty wool, ribbon and strung some pretty beads to make it look pretty.

The journal is now in the post but is already late. Lisa Wright who comes after me in the swap, has been very patient with my lateness and was similarly understanding last month when she had to post my too heavy journal. Therefore I've also sent her a little pressie. I can't tell you what it is but here's a look at when its wrapped up and pretty:

My recent experience has made me realise how much we value a home and space that is our own. And disruption in these areas has proven how this can affect my creative work.

  • Where do you create? Have you ever suffered a disruption like mine? How did this affect your art?

Wishing you all a happy and creative weekend  Kat :-)

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