Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Recovering from MS blip with a healthy dose of Orange, Yellow and Grey art journaling..... (Magical Journal Journey - Maggie's Journal)

Apologies for it being a month since my last post and for being absent from blog land. No sooner does the disruptive building work finish (see my last post) than I get two viruses that send the MS into a tizzy and leave me rather poorly for a month. Thankfully, a few days ago I started to turn the corner and the first thing I concentrated on is Maggie's gorgeous journal that I had the pleasure of creating in for our Magical Journal Journey swap. Her stunning journal was hard to let go of this afternoon but considering  I'm 5 days late finishing I said goodbye this afternoon and sent it on its way to Lisa Wright Stuff to enjoy.
Maggie's theme was orange, yellow and grey. These vibrant colours surely helped my mood and recovery. 

I used a variety of materials to create my pages that included: oil pastels, acrylic, dimensional and fabric paint for the background; a mix of handmade papers, vellum, tissue, pearlised and acrylic sheets; ribbons, foam letters, wood, buttons, mirrors and paper decoupage butterflies; seed, glass, plastic and clay beads and then I used embroidery threads to sew all the components together and onto the page. I do love to mix mediums and materials so that the page is tactile and textured.

On this right hand page I began a mandala that seemed to turn into a kind of medicine wheel or dream catcher. "Joyful" is how this colour scheme and being part of our journal swap makes me feel. It was also a reflection of my pleasure at being well enough to create again after a long enforced break. The "magical" refers to the experience of being part of our Magical Journal Journey and "9" is the amount of us included in the swap.

With Spring finally here and inspired by the colour scheme I felt sure I wanted to create a vine of whimsical flowers for this left hand page:

Here are a few close-ups:

Maggie also included some tags on which to leave our mark:

On one side I attached a mini book and wrote a little story for Maggie:

"They gathered under the orange streaked sunset of Maggie's imagination. Connected across space and time by the strong but invisible links of art and friendship. 
    They laughed and danced among the giant yellow daffodils. 
    When the grey of evening muted the flowers and sky they weren't disheartened. Instead they joined hands and turned their faces to the night sky where an explosion of orange and yellow fireworks coordinated in a magical sequence that kept time with the music of the tiny fairies that circled their legs illuminating them with warmth, light and harmony.
     Later, when the nine friends began to yawn, they decided to call it a night but not before arranging their next magical journey to visit another of their colourful imaginations.
     They parted, anticipating the delights of their next meeting......."

                           Katina Wright, June 2013

As I type this up I can see the technical flaws in my writing (cringe) but I also see this place and experience as if it really happened. Maybe it did? Maybe it will? :-)

I feel physically tired from the work I put into these pages yet my mood is energised with the joy of creating.  I think there is extra positive energy created by creating for someone else. All month, even when unable to practically create, my focus has been on Maggie and her colour scheme. I've dreamed a hundred ideas whilst resting and noticed every orange, yellow and grey in the world. It is a special experience in connecting with friends and being creative. Fab :-)

  • How do you use your creativity to connect with others?

Using the computer is really tiring for me at the moment so it'll take me a while to get round to visiting you at your blog - but I will catch up bit by bit and look forward to learning of all your recent creative adventures. Meanwhile....

Wishing you all a happy and creative week!
Kat X

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