Monday, 1 July 2013

The Book Tree - Purple Inspiration - Magical Journal Journey

I'm slowly emerging from the MS and virus induced fog and am blessed to be inspired to create for our Magical Journal Journey art journal swap. For the month of June Gemma Manzo's journal came to visit with its theme of Purple. Gemma is a children's librarian as well as an artist and this gave me the idea of creating a tree whose fruit is books. I attempted to share the idea by creating a mixed media tree with individually bound mini books and a story idea in a slightly larger book that introduces the story of The Book Tree and Violet. The following are photos of the three pages I created in this theme:

A tag coloured with a blend of inks, beads and paper cut outs
and adorned with a mix of wools and ribbon.
Then tucked into a pocket on its own page.

And here is a close up of the Book Tree:

Many hours of fiddly bits of paper and thread led to the mini books that 
grow on the Book Tree I painted. The background is then acrylic and 
stitching ensures the page stays attached to Gemma's journal.

The following is the adjacent mixed media page with a background that was created 
using a mix of ink and acrylic, brayering and stamping.
Added to it was wooden shapes I decorated, wool & ribbon.
In the centre is a mini book that tells the story behind
"The Book Tree"

Here is a close up of the book when open:

And the next couple of close-ups allow you to read the first part of
what is written inside the book. I'd like to write even more about Violet 
her Book Tree in the future. 

I wonder what book the Book Tree would choose for you today?

  • Has the right book found its way into your life at just the right time for you? 

I know I have found or been gifted books, without consciously seeking,  that offer me some wisdom or comfort perfectly related to what is happening in my life at the time.

Wishing you all a happy and creative week!
Kat :-) Xx
PS - I've also submitted this into this week's Inspiration Avenue Challenge: 'A Way With Words'

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