Thursday, 31 October 2013

"RUSTY" - getting messy with paint, pigment powders & glue for the last journal in the Magical Journal Journey 2013

The last journal of this Magical Journal Journey is Lisa Wright's "Rust" themed journal. As I am the last person to host her journal I get the pleasure of enjoying the whole group's artwork. Her beautiful handmade book is literally bursting at the seams with gorgeous art! I thoroughly enjoyed days of getting messy with paints, inks and metallic pigment powder. It was such fun turning paper metallic and rusty BUT unfortunately it seems that these shimmery hues do not show up on the computer :-( So you'll have to imagine the metallic effects that I would have loved to share properly. 

This stitched 'RUST' was my first page. And here are a couple of close-ups.....

Only the mini basket & mini angel were bought rusted. The rest was the result of days worth of play. Below the leaf in the bottom colour was punched from one of my self rusted papers where I used pumistone Golden medium to create the texture of rust.

These pages come with a story (of course)! It is a bit long to share on here but I can tell you this much: an eleven year old girl, Cleo, moves with her family into an old house whose land includes its own private woods. She finds a letter addressed to her from Gwendylyn, the previous owner of the house, who writes that Cleo has been chosen by the Fae as her successor, to work as a human ambassador with the fairy Tree Guardians. Below is my interpretation of the portal between the human and Fae world. I spent many hours cutting out, stamping and punching leaves from the many rusty hued papers I'd created as well as from a copper foil sheet. I imagined that when the portal was opened it created an energy field that drew the autumnal leaves towards it.

My last page features the rusty box in which Cleo finds the letter.....

The following two are photos that were taken before the rusty clasp was created to close the box. I forgot to take the photos again at the end but they give you an idea...

Lisa included some giant tags for us to create on....

Again...these have a metallic sheen to them in reality....
I know Lisa loves trees (like me) & has had recent experiences of woodland fairies so I'm hoping she'll enjoy my pages. I certainly enjoyed making them. A few weeks ago some severe spasms resulted in torn muscle in my back. This meant that for over three weeks I wasn't able to sit at the table and create. Its amazing how ecstatic I felt to be creating again. I relished the paint and glue on my hands, the messy table, the alchemy of mixing paints and powders. Creating is most definitely good for my soul.

Wishing you a Happy & Creative week and weekend!  Go on - go get messy with paint & glue - you'll be glad you did.... :-)

Kat Xx

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  1. Oh wow Kat! You have got my wheels turning with that homemade rust! How real it looks and just gorgeous paired with the copper! Of course the theme is absolutely perfect for Lisa (who among us doesn't love trees?) But the magic of a portal and a glimpse back in time...just seems like a reflection of Lisa's live right now. I cannot wait to read your story, because above your art is your story telling...I am glad to find you in a better place physically, I hate to think of you in pain and stuck in bed...although that sounds like a the makings of another magical story with the heroine being trapped by her own body, rather than a troll. I think it would be a great story a lot of children would relate to.
    But here I am rambling on, totally off subject...
    Your work is perfectly amazing and as are you! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Lisa (priti) - thank you sweetheart for your lovely kind comment :-) The accompanying story is in the 'files' section of our facebook page, hope you enjoy :-) I actually got stuck sleeping in a chair for few weeks this time and couldn't lie in my bed as per docs orders. At least I was near the kitchen & the TV ;-) Hugs, Kat Xxx

  2. AS always, this has so many beautiful layers- I love that you made your own rust! And the trees and leaves are wonderful as well- I had trees on the brain this month as well ;-)

    1. Stephanie - thank you for your lovely comment :-) Yes, there is something powerful & incredibly beautiful about trees. I've put my letter/story in the 'file' section of our group facebook page. It centres on the special nature of trees & reflects some of Lisa's recent experiences. I look forward to seeing the trees that you had on the brain, in your art pages this month. Hugs. Xx

  3. Very cool, love the story that goes along with it. Those leaves on the portal piece wonderful! And love how you made the box Cleo found the letter in.

    1. Missy - thank you for your super lovely comment. Hope all okay with you. Will visit your blog very soon. Kat xx

  4. Kat you do such wonderful work. Every journal that passed through here was amazing and I admired your contributions so much. Lisa's rust book is no exception...absolutely LOVE it.

    1. Gemma - thank you sweepea :-) I really enjoyed creating these pages & thoroughly loved our magical journal journey this year! Hugs, Kat xx

  5. Kat, I am sooooo inspired by your Rust contribution! Your pages are metallic magic! Of course all your work inspires me, but I find myself saying, "No, this one is my favorite" over and over again.
    And so jealous of your stitch handy work.... :)
    So beautiful, I would just love to see in person, but who can tell from the pictures that this is not truly a rusty metal piece? Great work!

    1. Kim - aw thank you so much for your lovely comment, it was so heartening. I'd actually thought that the photos didn't show the metallic effect much because in reality it looks better but it is nice to know that the photos can be enjoyed. Thank you for your supportive words. Hugs, Kat Xx


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