Monday, 21 April 2014

Travelling Self Interview.....

My gorgeous artist & writer friend Lisa Wrighinvited me to participate in this blog hop that involves a mini self-interview. Lisa is one of the participants on the Magical Journal Journey art journal swap I'm blessed to be part of. She is a talented artist and writer who is constantly buzzing with inspiration and creativity.

So here goes my self-interview....

1. What am I working on? 

As the photo above illustrates, I'm making costume jewellery with a focus on bespoke made to order jewellery for people who may need accessories to compliment certain outfits or occasions. I have made jewellery sporadically for many years but last Christmas I did a couple of craft events where people not only bought my jewellery on display but started to make special order requests. I love to see people happy with their affordable bling.

After a few months of bad health, my year has been slow starting. However, I have started to work on my Creatively Well project that includes writing my non-fiction book and developing a better web presence. Creatively Well is based on my own discovery of how creativity has enhanced my wellbeing. It will also include this blog and a section for displaying/selling my creations. So far I have created the above graphic and had a rumber stamp made of it so that I can make handmade tags etc. 

I am also part of the third Magical Journal Journey swap that I regularly blog about. This year we have each chosen an artist to use as inspiration and theme for our journals. My chosen artist is Jennifer Judd McGee

I also continue to sew/embroider, doodle, create mandalas, write stories, photograph, make/sell greeting cards, paint and explore my rusty musical skills.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

This is a difficult question but........... I'd say that considering we are all unique and that my Creatively Well focus is guided by my own personal journal this is what makes it different to others in this genre. Of course there'll be a crossover of similar experiences/influences but my perspective and approach will always have a big part of just me. I also try to mix my variety of creative outlets into new approaches and results; mixing my storytelling with art and music, mandalas with stitches and words. 

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 

Creating and creativity is my daily focus, my meditation, my play and my work. I create from the heart and because my imagination leads me to ideas that want to take flight. The fantasy, magical, whimsey, nature and spiritual elements that seem to show in my work come from my character that is focused in imagination, open to possibilities, enamoured by story and in love with people/life.

4. How does your writing/creating process work? 

Mmm, toughey to answer..... Honestly, every day is different. My biggest challenge is the unpredictability of my health and therefore the best made routines/plans can go awry overnight. Yet, this also teaches me to be flexible and imaginative in my approach. I start with the premise that creating is part of who I am; it is my daily practice and meditation. Therefore, I may only manage to spend half an hour doodling in bed or hours typing away at the computer. I try to assess the day and look for the creative opportunities available in it. And there are always opportunities to create if we look for them. If stuck, I look for inspiration in the world around me, in books, music and especially in observing other people.

This blog hop will be continued next week at the blogs of:

JENNY ALEXANDER of Writing in the house of Dreams : Jenny has written about 150 books roughly half of which are fiction and half non-fiction. She also writes magazines articles and poems and has had her writing published in many different languages.  Jenny enjoys teaching creative writing, writes dream diaries, loves rabbits and lives in Cornwall, UK. You can find more about Jenny at her blog and on her website. Jenny will publish her blog hop interview post on 28th April 2014 but you can visit her before then as well :-)

MELISSA T LIBAN from Melissa T Liban Illustrations blog (she also has a fab new website she's developing): Melissa lives in Cincinnati,OH. After recently having her third gorgeous babe she is looking forward to getting back to her blog of 5 years. Missy is an incredibly talented illustrator of books and digital art images. She has also written children's books and published exciting young adult fiction. Check out her bunny drawings along with Pete and Doris; so cute and funny. Melissa will also be publishing her blog hop interview on 28th April but you may want to tour her website and blog to check out her cute characters and books before then :-)

ANNE BUTERA from My Giant Strawberry is a long time blogging buddy of mine who lives in rural Wisconsin. She is a talented artist, crafter and writer who makes the most amazing crotchet jewellery amongst many other beautiful things that she sells in her etsy shop. When visiting her blog you'll often be treated to the photo evidence of Anne's green fingers and her love of plants, trees and flowers. As well as her art adventures Anne also shares some of her recipes and her travel stories. Everything Anne writes on her blog comes with the most delightful photos that have transported me to places and closer to experiences outside of my own. Anne has one of the loveliest 'about me' sections on her website so I urge you to read that to get a true sense of her beautiful personality. Like the others she'll also be posting her self-interview questions on (or near to) 28th April.

Wishing You All A Happy & Creative Week!
Kat :-) 

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  1. Kat, You are amazing. Love your very pretty jewelry. Of course you know how I love your imaginative tales...the book tree you made and story that goes with it are so precious to me. Good luck with your creative well project. As always sending well wishes your way, wrapped in LOVE.

    1. Gemma - a belated (I've been away) thank you for your lovely supportive comment :-) I'm glad you still enjoy the book tree I created; I so enjoyed making it for you. Hugs, Kat Xx

  2. Yay! Great interview Kat. I love those jewels too. Maybe I could get you to make me something sparkly with turquoise too...

    1. Thank you Lisa for your comment & for inviting me on this blog hop :-) Of course, I'd be honoured to create you something in turquoise, just let me know. Hugs, Kat Xx

  3. Great interview, Kat!

    You are always so inspiring to me with all of your different interests and abilities, your creative soul and your amazing attitude.

    I love the logo for your Creatively Well project and look forward to see how it all develops!

    Thanks for the lovely intro (and I guess I better get busy writing my interview!).

    Sending big hugs!

    1. Anne, thank you sweetpea for you kind supportive comment :-) I am looking forward to reading your self interview!! Hugs, Kat xx

  4. Love this post, and Creatively Well sounds awesome! Thanks for including me in the hop!

    1. Missy - thank you :-) I'm excited about Creatively Well. So much to do yet to make it work, but I'll just take each day at a time. I look forward to reading your self-interview. I'm really glad you're joining in the hop :-) Hugs, Kat xx

  5. Great interview and post, and I'm happy to discover your blog, inspirations, and artwork! Thank you for visiting my blog, and looking forward to more of your creations!

    1. Abigail - thank you for paying me a visit & leaving a lovely comment, Kat :-)


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