Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspired by Chagall (MJJ2014)

I'm a bit late posting my latest Magical Journal Journey pages but in June I hosted the gorgeous house shaped journal belonging to Stephanie whose chosen artist was Marc Chagall. I had difficulty emulating his style but felt in tune with his love of music, folklore and imagination and so focused my art on these elements. Above is the middle spread and below is the front page.

Both paintings are based on the accompanying story I wrote about a girl who loses her inspiration and love of life after her best friend dies. A magical sequence of events leads her to receive a charm necklace the helps her rediscover what she's lost.

On this Magical Journal Journey we are all contributing to the art journal covers. Below is my contribution to a side that was previously painted orange. I'm getting to like drawing/painting whimsical villages....

I've got a little behind due to a problem with a spell of vision headaches but I have lots of jewellery and card orders to do ( CreativelyWellCreations) and am starting to get back on top of things starting with this blog post.  Feeling positive and enjoying being creative :-)

I've discovered a love of creating whimsical villages & town - what new subject/skill have you discovered a joy for using in your creations? Perhaps a new paint or a newfound inspiration.....

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative Weekend!
Kat :-)

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