Monday, 18 August 2014

Inspired by Anahata Katkin.....

Kim chose Anahata Katkin as her chosen artist for this year's Magical Journal Journey. Kim's journal was already full of gorgeous art and after sitting with her for the past couple of weeks I have fallen in love with Anahata's work. In the above painting I borrowed her way of using black and white areas in her paintings, of having flowers in ladies hair and tattoo type markings on their faces. Other than that I just went where my imagination led me. This double spread was a labour of love and much time that I found really therapeutic. I named her 'Anatola' and wrote about her (more of that later).

Below: the painting on this page was inspired by Anahata's painting "ROOTS":

Anahata Katkin has a series of paintings on rolls of wall paper and so in keeping with this idea, I painted and collaged on to wallpaper for the last page:

The large heart is actually the cover of a little book which tells the story of Anatola whose name is the feminine version of Anatolius that means sunrise in Latin. As my lady helps to wake the world at sunrise I thought this an appropriate name :-) It also struck me as similar to Anahata which was a happy coincidence. If you want to read more about her, I'm happy to email her story to you. Just ask.

Now this last piece is actually the back inside cover. It was still blank when I received it and so I painted and collaged on it. The paint affect is nicer in real life but alas was difficut to capture on camera/scanner. As we are collaborating on our covers, someone else can now add to this.

Yet again I've been stretched artistically, helped further my skills and added to my experience. It is a really fun way to enjoy and develop our creativity.

Amongst the busy summer, this art journaling is a havan amongst the chaos. Another example of me keeping 'Creatively Well'. Thanks Kim for choosing such a fun artist to inspire your journal.

Wishing you all a Happy and Creative week!
Kat :-) x

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Keeping Creatively Well with personalised jewellery and card orders...

After a few days of ill health last month I got behind with everything and when I went back to work I had to take it a bit easier. However, since then I've been catching up with lots of personalised jewellery and card orders. It has been so much fun designing pretty things to suit individual briefs. Not to say it isn't a challenge when working around health and the busy/noisy school summer holidays. But being creative keeps me well and I get such a buzz when people are happy with their creations. I won't bore you with all I've been doing but here are a few recent makes. Above was actually a design I recently drew/painted for a Cornish friend's Birthday. I forgot to take a photo of the finished card before I gave it to her but this was the main part of the design. I then used the same design in minature along with a few other details to make the background paper.

This was a necklace I was commisioned to create. I used beautiful purple Czech glass beads, silver plated celtic knots and most of my energy making the multiple fiddly connections ;-) 

The card below was a commission from a customer who wanted a Marilyn Monroe themed card for a male 70th Birthday......

Apparently I made the recipient of the card cry which I think (hope) was a positive thing, lol :-) I know my customer was pleased and it is great when people enjoy something I create. It feels nice to spread a bit of happy!

Below was another bespoke order from a customer who wanted a coral bracelet and necklace set. What I didn't realise at first was that coral can come in a few shades. I enjoyed making this and it was well received. The magnetic flower clasp I used was also gratefully received because the customer had a problem fastening jewellery due to a hand/wrist injury. The beads I used were a mix of natural coral (the smaller beads) and quality shell-coated glass.

Finally, I recently designed the earrings and bracelet below as a set that could be versatile with neutral colours to match many outfits. It was also a little more delicate and I think it is suitable to wear on casual or dressy occassions. The beads used here were non-magnetic hematite.

 My daughter kindly modelled the bracelet for me....

That is a little of what I've been creating recently. If you're interested in seeing more of my jewellery or cards then you can find them on my facebook page CreativelyWellCreations. Please do visit, perhaps 'like' and if you have anything you'd like me to make you can send me a facebook message. Eventually I will get a website and have started looking at having a monthly newsletter with updates of designs and offers. 
  • How have you been creative recently?
  • Do you find that being creative helps keep you happy and well?
Please do share your news and experiences, I love to hear from you.

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative week!
Kat :-) x

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