Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Keeping Creatively Well with personalised jewellery and card orders...

After a few days of ill health last month I got behind with everything and when I went back to work I had to take it a bit easier. However, since then I've been catching up with lots of personalised jewellery and card orders. It has been so much fun designing pretty things to suit individual briefs. Not to say it isn't a challenge when working around health and the busy/noisy school summer holidays. But being creative keeps me well and I get such a buzz when people are happy with their creations. I won't bore you with all I've been doing but here are a few recent makes. Above was actually a design I recently drew/painted for a Cornish friend's Birthday. I forgot to take a photo of the finished card before I gave it to her but this was the main part of the design. I then used the same design in minature along with a few other details to make the background paper.

This was a necklace I was commisioned to create. I used beautiful purple Czech glass beads, silver plated celtic knots and most of my energy making the multiple fiddly connections ;-) 

The card below was a commission from a customer who wanted a Marilyn Monroe themed card for a male 70th Birthday......

Apparently I made the recipient of the card cry which I think (hope) was a positive thing, lol :-) I know my customer was pleased and it is great when people enjoy something I create. It feels nice to spread a bit of happy!

Below was another bespoke order from a customer who wanted a coral bracelet and necklace set. What I didn't realise at first was that coral can come in a few shades. I enjoyed making this and it was well received. The magnetic flower clasp I used was also gratefully received because the customer had a problem fastening jewellery due to a hand/wrist injury. The beads I used were a mix of natural coral (the smaller beads) and quality shell-coated glass.

Finally, I recently designed the earrings and bracelet below as a set that could be versatile with neutral colours to match many outfits. It was also a little more delicate and I think it is suitable to wear on casual or dressy occassions. The beads used here were non-magnetic hematite.

 My daughter kindly modelled the bracelet for me....

That is a little of what I've been creating recently. If you're interested in seeing more of my jewellery or cards then you can find them on my facebook page CreativelyWellCreations. Please do visit, perhaps 'like' and if you have anything you'd like me to make you can send me a facebook message. Eventually I will get a website and have started looking at having a monthly newsletter with updates of designs and offers. 
  • How have you been creative recently?
  • Do you find that being creative helps keep you happy and well?
Please do share your news and experiences, I love to hear from you.

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative week!
Kat :-) x


  1. Hello Kat, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. It's great to hear that you make junk journals too and that you will try and join in my 5 in 5 neme. It would be great to have you along, I look forward to seeing your photos when you have time :)

    1. Hi Sandie - thank you for paying my blog a visit :-) I shall try to visit your blog again soon and join in your Five challenge

  2. Kat LOVE the jewelry you make. It is so delicate and sweet. You have been busy with all of your cards too. Plus lots of other things too I know. :-)

    1. Gemma - thank you sweetpea :-) Yes, it has been busy busy, especially with the children at hom for hols :-) Kat xx

  3. Oh what lovely things - despite health challenges and school hols I can safely say you've been far more creative than me the last few weeks!

    I love that your Marilyn card made the recipient cry - that's so touching! The coral is stunning with silver, I think that set my favourite thing here - beautiful and so eye catching!

    I definitely find that creating is good for me - I get twitchy if I can't paint for a while! xx

    1. Hi Angie :-) Thank you, for your lovely comment. Yes, I get 'twitchy' too when I haven't had a chance to do anything creative :-) Always great to hear from you. We miss you on MJJ, really hoping you can join us again next year. Hugs, Kat xx

  4. Glad you're feeling better and glad you're creating up a storm. :)

    These are lovely. That glowing purple bead! The magnetic flower clasp! Gorgeous! And what fun to work on a commissioned project that's out of your usual. The birthday card is wonderful and so happy to hear that it was well received (with tears, even!).

    I hope you're enjoying these last weeks of summer. I'm trying to soak up all the summery-ness I can. The sunshine, the flowers... wish I could bottle it up (or can it like my pickles!) to use in the winter.

    Sending you hugs!

    1. Hi Anne - thank you for your lovely comment :-) I am really enjoying all these commissioned pieces; a creative challenge that is fun and pushes me to learn/explore/grow. It went cold a couple of days ago, not August weather at all but I'm hoping summer will return soon, especially as hubbie has a week holiday now. It would be nice to enjoy the coastal delights of Cornwall as a family. Oh well, we do spend a lot of time at the beach in the winter, so we'll just have to imagine it is winter for a bit, lol :-)
      Hugs back to you
      Kat Xx


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