Monday, 15 September 2014

Inspired by Duy Huynh (MJJ)....

The penultimate journal in this years Magical Journal Journey belongs to Tammy who chose Duy Huynh (pronounced yee wun) as her artist to be inspired by. I fell in love with Duy Huynh. I'd encourage you to view his paintings. They're full of imagination, fantasy, symbolism and layered meanings but even if you could ignore all those his art is just fascinatingly beautiful. So, probably more than any artist so far I would've loved to successfully emulate his skill and style. However, despite having the vivid imagination needed I lacked the art skills. I had fun trying though :-)

The painting above and the double spread below are my imagination trying to express itself. I also took on board Duy Huynh's use of travel, boats, music and artists in his work.

Below I've copied the back page where I wrote about the first painting and created a poem to explain my thoughts about the second.

In this swap we have each been contributing to the covers of the journals. However, very little had been done to these covers so I was unsure whether I was meant to or not. In the end I decided a boat that told a little about Duy Huynh and his life may look nice on the front cover. I hope I did the right thing & Tammy likes it. She has my permission to paint over it if she doesn't.

I spent many many hours painting and repainting whilst living in my imagination. Duy Huynh is so suited to my character but I've a long way to go before I can do my imagination justice through painting. Oh to close the gap between idea and finished piece...... But like all creative skills the only way to improve and develop is to keep showing up and having a go. Meanwhile I keep myself creatively well!

Wishing you all a Happy and Creative week!
Kat :-) xx

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