Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Creative affirmation with a dash of music & glitter...

My New Year has started with an even greater passion for creative living and keeping 'creatively well'. I took a break from jewellery making work over the Christmas holidays but kept up a creative practice, albeit reduced, making decorations food and playing lots of Christmassey tunes. Once our household went back to work and school on the 6th January I sat down and threw myself into jewellery making and writing. Every part of me seemed to sing with feelings of joy and a sense of coming home. Akin to the relief of stretching out tight muscles, sinking gratefully into a hot bath and being held by a loved one. At the same time inspired and filled with the excitement of possibilities. It felt like an affirmation for living creatively well and for me to further share my 'Creatively Well' ideas/experience with others. I have already begun building my new website and have lots of ideas to work on. Watch this space!

Why a photo of my piano? Well, glad you asked ;-)! 
I have a certain amount of nerve damage down my left hand side from past MS relapses. Part of this results in my left hand not working as well as it should. I've been practicing the piano, trying to retrain my hand and brain. A couple of days ago I managed to play a whole piece that I previously couldn't and it felt great; causing me to 'whoop' and cheer myself! Unfortunately, a fair amount of nerve and muscle pain followed. My children gave me a strange look when I held up my hand and talked to it: "don't think your grumbling is going to get you out of more practice - no pain, no gain!" 

Below is a picture I drew to celebrate the recent engagement of two friends and lovely people:

This original drawing was created using a black pitt artist pen on Bristol board card. He is a tree surgeon and they got engaged at the top of a cherry picker where he'd tied the ring box to a tree branch. As a self confessed tree hugger I found this wonderful. 

I couldn't decide how to display my drawing. First I scanned in the original, printing it on self-adhesive acetate and fixing coloured paper to its back:

I liked this but wanted to try another idea. This time I printed on printable acetate and then used glitter on the under side to accentuate certain elements. I have to admit it didn't go as well as I wanted but as it was my last sheet of acetate my obsessive perfectionism had to put up and shut up ;-)

After some deliberation (& other attempts including printing on window film that the couple now plan to attach to a mirror) I decided to use these three versions by mounting them on a trifold display card:

I decorated the back side with Anna Griffin paper. On one side I wrote a note to the happy couple:

The next photo should show the whole thing folded up with the note on top and beautiful ribbon tying it all together.......but I forgot to take that last photo before giving the gift to my friends. So you'll have to imagine and I know you all have amazing imaginations! Just be sure to be kind with your imaginative image ;-)

I hope 2015 has started well for you.

  • How has your creativity expressed itself so far this year?
  • How did this creative activity make you feel?

Wishing you a Happy & Creative week!
Kat :-)

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  1. What a great idea to include them all! It's a perfect design for your friends, they're sure to love it! :)
    Jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess. They were pleased that I included the kids in the branches, so I'm glad I did. Although its them getting engaged it is a change for the whole family. Thank you for visiting & leaving a lovely comment :-) Kat

  2. This is so beautiful! I am sure they loved it, too.
    As for creativity, I am finding a lot more time to crochet, since I can't work anymore, and am back to blogging, too.

    1. Thank you Mlissabeth :-)! Your crotchet creations are wonderful & even better is that they make you happy to create. I shall stop by your blog to say hi soon. Kat xx

  3. Lovely! What fun to make a tri-fold for your friends... such a meaningful gift. And what a romantic engagement story. :) Sweet that you get to be a part of it.

    I can just imagine you talking to your hand. I'm glad you went ahead with playing the piano (though not as happy about the consequences... but I'm proud of you for doing it anyway). Musical ability is not something with which I'm gifted (though I'm secretly working on learning an instrument); it's funny because my father is a professional musician. I guess not all abilities are inherited.

    Wishing you a wonderful year and I'm glad to be joining you in your adventures!

    1. Thank you Anne for your lovely kind comment :-)! I'm intrigued as to which instrument you have chosen to secretly learn....any time you want to share your secret....And professional musicians as parents is another thing we have in common. What does your Dad play? I am sure you have inherited the musical gene. I wonder if its just hard to match up to parents whose musical skills are so accomplished. Maybe try not to compare or expect and, like we do with our art/writing, just enjoy.
      I'm very glad to share my creative journey with yours again this year.
      Hugs, Kat xx

  4. I am a tree hugger too Kat. Love this!

    1. Gemma - yay to being a fellow tree hugger :-)!! I adore trees and 'need' to be near them or else I wilt from the inside out. Kat xx

  5. Kat, Love love your tree design and what a wonderful gift for your friends, I know they will cherish it! I don't know what kind of world this would be without trees and people who hug them, they are just people too! :) You are so talented and I did I not know that you played piano? I love your "never give up" spirit, you are such an inspiration! I feel so blessed that we are friends! You keep ME going!! xoxo

    1. Kim, you are a real sweetheart, thank you for your lovely comment :-) Your friendship is a blessing for me too. How lucky and blessed that we MJJ girls found each other despite being thousands of mils apart. Hugs, Kat xx


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