Monday, 23 February 2015

Creative Half term & a new Magical Journal Journey

This year our Magical Journal Journey group is doing a swap that allows each participant to display their received art in whichever way they choose. Most of us want to create a collaboration that can be displayed on our walls. For instance: I am asking everyone to create two pieces of circle art, using the theme magical/mystical/mythical, that will form the blossom on a tree I'll paint on a large piece of board.

This month I am creating for the lovely Lisa (Priti.Lisa) who has asked us all to paint a portrait of ourselves. I admit, this was a task that exceeded my skills and challenged me immensely. It was also a psychological challenge as I began to notice every wrinkle, lump and imperfection as a result of days focusing on painting myself ;-)! The picture above is my finished piece but it was by no means my first attempt. The other incarnations went into the wood burner to provide heat whilst I painted this one :-)! I wanted to try and paint a traditional self-portrait of my outer image mixed with a reflection of what is inside of me. I'll leave it to you to judge the result. Needless to say I can find a million things wrong but I am also proud of my attempt. I certainly feel I've learnt new skills through the many hours of trial and error.

This past week was school half term holiday. We had painting days and amongst other things my children painted masks. Above is my son's tribal inspired mask. Below is my teenage daughter's more gothic approach...

Another fun activity we tried was when visiting the beautiful Lanhydrock woods. I gave them both a photo challenge that included a list of prompts and things to include in their photos. For example: themes, objects, letters of the alphabet, groups of 2 or 3 etcetra. They went off exploring, each with their own camera and then we viewed the photos back at the lovely cafe over tea and hot chocolate.

I was so impressed with their creative interpretation & imaginative reasoning. It was such a fun thing to do on a sunny day in a beautiful location. I wanted to share a couple of their photos but at the time of writing this I'm having a job downloading their photos. Hopefully I'll manage it soon & at that point I'll update this post with them.

  • What creative projects are challenging you this February?
  • What creative adventure have you recently enjoyed with your kids, grandchildren or friends?
Wishing you a Happy & Creative Week!
Kat :-) xx

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  1. I just wrote out a paragraph and then when I selected comment as: the whole thing disappeared....anyway, I think you are a super fun mum. That was a really neat thing to challenge the kids with their cameras in hand and prompts. I bet they enjoyed themselves immensely. Their masks are so creative!
    The self portrait will be a challenge to all of us who do not paint/make them often or at all. It is a good way to break out of our boxes, creatively. We all see every imperfection in ourselves. We are our own worst critics. I think you are lovely just as you are. Hugs

    1. Tammy - ah yes, that's happened to me a couple of times & it's so frustrating. Bad blogger! Thank you for your lovely kind comment. I really enjoyed my time with my children & they seemed to enjoy too :-) They're growing so fast, I feel the need to make the most of the time. And yes we generally do see the worst in ourselves, not many people like a photo of themselves often :-) But the challenge is really good for expanding our skills & inspiration. Hugs Katxx

  2. i agree with Tammy on all points, indeed you are a terrifically creative, fun mom! what a great idea, i would love to see the pictures and the list, as i think it would be fun for me to try on my walks.
    i remember the days of mask making in fact, i still have leo's hanging in my 'art hall' he used real animal teeth he found in on a skull in the woods :)
    and as for your self portrait...
    i really, really love that you pushed yourself through your uncomfortable-ness,,,how perfectly beautiful your painting is!
    the smile just astounds me! i find it is incredibly difficult to show expression in painting features and you have done so well!!!
    thank you Kat, for painting this for me...i will treasure it. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Lisa (Priti) - Aw thank you sweetie - I'm glad you liked it & you make me feel better with how you've viewed it, thank you :-) By the time my two reach 18, my walls, drawers, cupboards etc may burst with their creations. It is so hard to let go of much because you see a little of their personality in everything & each piece marks a memory & moment in time. I'm way too sentimental to ever be uncluttered it seems, lol :-) I think I shall have to sort photos & lists of photo walk & put in a new post maybe. Hugs, Kat xx

  3. I love your self portrait- I think those are the hardest thing to paint!!!! And I agree with all of the above about your Mommy-ing skills- what an amazing way to spend your holiday! You are one inspiring lady!

    1. Stephanie - thank you sweetie for your lovely comment :-) Yes, I hadn't realised quite how hard a self portrait would be...but a challenge is good for us & our creativity. I was glad I pushed through & kept with this final one instead of burning every attempt, lol :-)! I think I get more joy from being a Mum than I could ever repay, so I wish I did even more sometimes. I try and make the most of any good health & try not to waste it all on the boring jobs life always has waiting for us. Hugs, Kat xx

  4. What fun to do masks with your children.. They looked like you had an awesome time.. Excellent work on the self portrait I have not attempted mine but know I would have lots of light bulbs and question marks going off around it..
    Popped over from Creative Every Day
    Sandy :)

    1. Hi Sandy - thank you for visiting :-) Yes, I know what you mean, my mind is always full of question marks & ideas too. Masks & painting were fun - I love a messy paint day :-) Thanks for leaving a lovely comment & visiting via CED. Kat x

  5. Your self-portrait is amazing, Kat! I thought it looked like you right away (although I've only seen you in photos). I love that you created a nimbus of what's inside of you. You look filled with joy and glowing.

    And what a fun project to do with your children.

    Wishing you a lovely week!


    1. Anne - Aw thank you for saying you recognised me :-) I've taken some good natured teasing from some family & friends so its nice to be told that :-) I kinda think a self portrait should show inside & out. Of course the master painters manage to do that without an obvious tactic like I used but I felt that was a way I could do it. Wishing you a lovely week too. Hugs, Kat xx


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