Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Two for Joy" and "Being Wonderfully You When You Create" (MJJ2015)

Where have I been? You may ask. Not far, but it seems that I am behind with everything on my to do list, including blogging. Part of this has been all the jewellery orders I've been making which has been a positive experience. I keep telling myself that panicking is futile and that the only thing to do is take one task and one day at a time. Sometimes that keeps the screaming voice of panic at bay but what helps more is getting so immersed in my creative activities that I forget to worry.

The picture above is a 6 x 6 inch embroidered painting that I recently completed for my fab friend Maggie whose brief on this year's Magical Journal Journey swap was simply "texture". She loves magpies and so these became the central theme in this "Two for Joy" piece. I spent days creating texture with embroidery thread. It turns out to be more difficult to sew paper than fabric even when using these basic stitches. One reason is that the process is less forgiving to mistakes and yes, this wasn't my first attempt. Yet I prefer how this second attempt evolved and so I'm glad I decided to start over. I do hope Maggie enjoys this. She is such an amazing artist that I can't hope to measure up to in skill so instead I always try to just be me whilst trying to inject a little of what I know she likes.

Years ago I'd be so in awe of talented artists that I'd be frozen & unable to attempt my own art for fear of failure. But the MJJ girls have become my dearest friends and their encouragement to be me in my creations has meant a lot. They've also inspired and taught me skills and approaches I may not have tried on my own. Similarly many of you readers with your kindness have done the same and your support has been very appreciated over the years.

I've learnt that you can only ever be you in your art. It helps to try new styles and undoubtedly practicing your skills is valuable. However, don't be afraid to put yourself into your creations because of a fear of ridicule or failure. A piece of art that comes from you with heart and joy will always have a special quality to it no matter what mistakes or lack of skill is involved. That's why children's art seems to warm the viewers hearts and brings joy to the beholder. It is the honest imaginative fresh approach that comes from not overthinking or trying to conform.

Today my 11 year old came home happy because he'd enjoyed art at school. They'd painted to music letting their brush strokes be dictated by the music in a freestyle unscripted way. For instance the drum beats would become dots & then the flowing passages long colourful ribbons. I've done a similar exercise with my writing but I'm definitely going to try this with painting. I suspect it would make a wonderful creative meditation. Why don't you give it a try? If you do, or have tried this before, please share your experiences. I shall share mine in my next post.

Wishing you all a Happy & Creative Week!
Kat :-) x

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  1. I love that you are "wonderfully you" and put yourself whole heartedly into your art. Bravo on your texture piece for Maggie and the jewelry is gorgeous too.

    1. Gemma - you're a real sweetie, thank you for your kind words :-) Hugs, Kat xx

  2. Kat, I'm so awed that you created this amazing art for me!! It has so much of your special creativity in it ~ the mandala design, the embroidery ~ and the magpies as you know are dear to my heart. I'm counting the months until it completes its journey and arrives at my door. I will have to look up the magpie rhyme where the "two for joy" comes from. I've heard it many times but don't remember all the verses. Thank you SO much dear Kat!!! xoxo

    1. Maggie - so glad you like it & thank you for your lovely comment. The original will have more detail/texture to see when you finally get your original art delivered to your door. Yes, I think the rhyme is quite long with many verses but I can only remember the first few. Two for joy had to be the one I focused on because our art group brings such joy :-) Hugs, Kat xx

  3. dear kat,
    {as you always do}
    you have made my heart sing,
    my spirit connect,
    and my mind rejoice...
    you words speak to(and for) every person.
    your art is truly,
    TRULY you
    like you, amazingly beautiful!
    i believe
    when you work over something
    with so much goodwill
    every breath
    is a prayer
    and all feelings
    are realized in your artwork.
    art takes lots of time
    to become alive.
    is exactly
    what your art is.
    love you, my incredible friend♥

    1. Lisa (Priti) - Oh thank you honey for such a lovely comment. Your support, friendship & inspiration means a lot. Thank you. Huge Hugs, Kat xx

  4. What a joy-filled post, Kat! Don't worry about the to-do list. Just keep going bit by bit and have fun riding away with your imagination. :)

    Your embroidered painting is gorgeous, btw. And congratulations on all the jewelry orders!

    You're so right about being yourself and honoring your own creative voice. It's really the only way to do it. If we want to be happy in the rest of our lives, too, we need to be comfortable being who we are.

    Hope your music and painting is fun. I think I did something like that when I was in grade school, but haven't really tried it since.

    Have a lovely week, Kat!

    1. Anne - Thank you sweetie. I keep plugging away at the to-do list & trying to balance boring bits with creative activity. I'm trying to incorporate a bit of meditation time too and am hoping to do the musical painting exercise within next couple of days. Hope your week is going well. Hugs, Kat xx


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