Monday, 20 July 2015

Better late than never (hopefully)...Hearts & Birds MJJ2015

As you may have guessed by my long absence, life has been doing its best to "test" me & get in the way of blogging (amongst other things). Therefore it was with joy that I finally got to spend some time painting this past few days. The painting above is for our Magical Journal Journey swap & is for Stephanie's hearts and birds theme.

I have used metallic paint and layers to create texture and interest. Unfortunately, these details don't successfully translate to the screen. However, this scan of the original will give you some idea. I've used a mixture of acrylic and fabric paints. The bird is an "Inspiration" bird that if you're lucky enough for it to visit will help supply your muse with ideas and enthusiasm. Can't find it in your bird watchers guide? Well, evidently the writers/publishers of your book were never lucky enough to have seen this rare species ;-)

I hope life will allow more blogging & creative time soon. Meanwhile, to get your imaginations working, consider this....

  • What kind of imaginary bird would you like to see?
  • And, what would be so special about it?

Wishing you all a happy & creative week!
Kat :-) x

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  1. Love your bird! It looks like it's made of patchwork. I'd love to have it come visit me. :)

    Hope you're feeling much better and that the Inspiration Bird has been hanging around your house a lot lately. :)

    Big hugs to you!

    1. Thank you Anne :-) - Let me know when the Inspiration bird arrives your way. I asked him to pay you a visit on his travels ;-) Hugs xx


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