Sunday, 16 August 2015

Painting a Beach Scene & then Distressing/ageing it......MJJ2015

This past week I've been working on a painting for Kim as part of our Magical Journal Journey 2015 art project. Kim asked us to be inspired by the beach & add a distressed or vintage feel to our artwork. The following shows how I went about creating my finished piece as shown above:

1. An old blog post of Ashley Hackshaw aka Lili Blue Boo once suggested decoupaging layers of newspaper and medium that would provide an uneven creased effect that would help add a distressed look to a painting. The idea stuck with me as a useful tip and so I used a Cornish newspaper (to add to the beach/coastal feel) and PVA glue. I chose to use canvas textured paper mounted on mount board as a base so that it would withstand the glueing, layers and distressing process.

2. In the bottom right hand corner I added a layer of Golden coarse pumice medium to add texture to where I would be painting my sand.
3. When all my glue and medium had thoroughly dried I then painted my basic beach scene using acrylic paint.

 4. Then continued to paint in more detail & depth....

 5. I had a starfish silver tone charm that I wanted to add in the bottom right hand corner to add further dimension. Because the charm was very shiny I spent time dirtying it with paint until it looked older. Then my daughter said "it would be good if it could look as if it is partly buried in the sand". This gave me the idea to use more of the coarse pumice medium & PVA to blend the charm into the painting. When the pumice & glue had dried I then painted it to match the rest of the sandy beach.

 6. Finally, to age the painting I used a Tim Holtz tea stain ink pad. Using a bit of foam I lightly passed the ink over the surface so that it caught on the uneven creases and also added a little to the edges and corners.

Its difficult to see fully in the scan below but the overall effect was a bit like an aged photo that had perhaps been pocketed and creased a little.

I was quite pleased with the result. I've done similar with ink drawings and stamping projects but this was the first time I'd distressed an acrylic/mixed media painting. I hope Kim likes it. I certainly enjoyed creating this for her!

  • What technique have you tried for the first time or adapted to use with a different medium? What were the results like?
Wishing you all a Happy and Creative Week Ahead!
Kat :-)

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