Saturday, 12 September 2015

Colourful houses & sparkling jewels.......

Last month on the Magical Journal Journey swap it was my turn to create for Tammy. Tammy's prompt/theme was 'colourful houses'. Painted in acrylics, with some black ink detail, the picture is a mix of Cornish villages I've visited and scenes from my imagination. 

As is usually the case, these art challenges highlight my lack of skills to me and make me want to learn more. But each prompt/theme provides lots of learning experience simply through doing. Most importantly I really enjoy creating for my friends in our Magical Journal Journey group and as always the creative activity brings a mix of positive benefits to my mood and wellbeing.

I've been busy creating all sorts this past fortnight. I have no sewing machine skills whatsoever and so I began to learn by trying to make cushion covers. This was my first very poor attempt:

Although I made lots of mistakes working the machine and in joining my pieces of material together; I did feel quite pleased that it did at least cover a cushion and was useable :-)! It's a learning curve and hopefully I'll keep learning from my many mistakes!

I've also been making jewellery to sell:

My next craft fair is at the beginning of October but I also continue to sell and take commissions via facebook and locally.

Now both my children are back at school I shall hopefully get back into a working routine and work on my massive to-do list that includes things like finally building a website. I have so many ideas, work plans and want-to-dos. I just need enough time and energy to put them into action. I never seem to have enough of either - do you know what I mean? I bet you do.

I'm trying to focus on each day seperately and have filled my art journal with a creative decorative to-do list that comprises of lots of small goals. My idea was to get the ideas out of my head, broken down into small goals and displayed in a fun way so that I could refer to them and choose to work on one acheivable chunk of a dream at a time.

  • What ways do you approach acheiving your goals, dreams and want-to-dos?  What creative ways have you found to organise your plans? 
Wishing you all a creative weekend and week ahead!
Kat :-)x

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