Thursday, 12 November 2015

Endings and Beginnings....

The photo above shows the last piece of art for this year's Magical Journal Journey and is for the lovely Lisa Wright whose theme was 'layers'. I had difficulties scanning & photographing this piece so unfortunately the prints aren't a true reflection of the original. However, hopefully you can see my layers consisted of: a black pen drawing I did in the centre, various papers/fabrics, cotton embroidery, glass beads and words cut out of a damaged book of children's stories. My inspiration came from childhood memories of Grimm's fairytales and the layers of meaning found in a story. I'm hoping Lisa will enjoy the idea & my attempts to bring it to life. At the end of this year's art journey we should all have one or more collaborative pieces of art to hang on our walls which will serve as a beautiful daily reminder of a group of treasured creative friends!

My blogging habits have been particularly erratic of late and that has a lot to do with the simple excuse of life getting in the way. I like to take a positive viewpoint & generally do. However, it is undeniable that this year has been extremely testing, especially emotionlly. Recently I found myself saying I would be glad to see the back of this year and immediately hated the negative way that sounded. So instead I'm looking forward and seeing endings as the precussor to new beginnings.

A recent custom jewellery order completed.
There will be new beginnings on a personal level but also on a professional one. I really hope, with my daughter's help, to have a website up and running next year. This blog will transform so as to be part of my 'Creatively Well' banner and focus. I'd like to expand my jewellery design perhaps by offering make and take parties. This year my writing took a back seat a little but it has been shouting at me from the back seat, like the kids on a long car journey ;-). This last couple of months I've begun to write more regularly and have loved the experience. It has been a joyful reunion with my passion for story & self expression. I've made music more of a priority and hope to play locally with a music group. A creative focus has saved me this year and I will continue to explore its magic on a personal and professional level.

Wishing you a Happy & Creative week & weekend!

Kat :-)x

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  1. Sending you big huge hugs, Kat. I don't know all that you're going through, but I can understand having tough times. I'm wishing good times for you. Joy, creativity and health!

    Your piece for the Journal is gorgeous, even if I can't see it in all its glory. It looks quite magical.

    The green in your custom jewelry is magical, too.

    Best of luck with your website! I can't wait to see it!

    P.S. A "year" doesn't have to start on January 1. We can have a fresh start any time we decide to. Here's to a wonderful fresh, new year.

  2. you are amazing, my friend. with all that you do
    & all you imagine doing...
    life is so full of fun
    & possibilities for us creative people.
    people who complain about boredom puzzle me.
    my only complaint is just dissolves, doesn't it?
    i am always wishing you pain-free days Kat,
    so you can continue to shine
    and transform others with your light.


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