About Me

In short: I'm a mum with a chocolate addiction trying to live a creative life. Friendship, kindness, seeing the best in people, laughter and finding joy in seemingly joyless things are all important to me.

In more detail:
I'm a Mum, writer, artist & generally creative person with health problems - primarily dealing with a chronic illness (multiple sclerosis). Having experienced many disabling relapses that compromised my working and social life I turned to my creativity to cope. I discovered that being creative made me feel good mentally and helped physically in my rehabilitation.

I explore creativity and story through art, writing, music, photos and journaling. I'm discovering how creative activity can benefit health and wellbeing.

Through this Wright Story blog I've shared my story and through the blogging community connected with many inspirational people who are also trying to lead a creative life. Once a month in my Wright Story Extra I introduce some of these people through interviews and links. Also through my Wright Story Extra I also offer a weekly TIC TOCC timed creative exercise to give inspiration and offer the opportunity to create even when time or energy is limited.

Writing daily entries in my journal help keep me sane and I keep a separate art journal for expression and experimentation. More recently I've found a passion for drawing/painting mandalas. Doodling offers a meditative affect and often leads to new designs.  I play the piano fairly badly and like to take photographs of things that inspire me. Getting messy with paint and glue is one of my favourite ways to relax. Waiting patiently in the wings are a completed YA fiction novel and two children's books which are stuck in the editing stage. I'm sure I shall return to them when the time is right. I write short stories, articles and poetry and am presently working on a non-fiction writing project. Through a local writing group and online connections I'm constantly inspired by other people's creativity.

You can connect up with me via my Twitter page and  Facebook page. I also send out weekly TIC TOCC creative prompts and provide monthly inspirational interviews through my Wright Story Extra e-newsletter that you can sign up to receive via email here.

Learn more about my approach to living creatively by reading a recent interview: http://freespiritknits.blogspot.com/2011/02/lessons-in-living-creative-life.html
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