On Story

Wright is my surname but why the 'Story' bit? What does story mean to me?

I love to tell and be told stories. I am a storyteller and a lover of story. I may be considered a story addict.

Daily I tell and am told stories through a variety of mediums including writing, art, photos, music and verbally. When we create a piece of art, take a photo, write, compose or chat: we are telling a story; our own, someone else’s or imaginary.

Stories have the ability to entertain, inform, inspire, and comfort. We can share history, individual life experiences and imaginative creations. Story is created and told during a chat with friends and at a writer’s desk. Story can be found in museums, classrooms, art galleries and at rock concerts. It can shape our identity and understanding or/and offer escape, exploration and adventure. A story can be interpreted through the filter of individual experience, inspire new journeys, movements and perspectives. 

Our story is constantly evolving as we bump into and weave threads with other people’s stories. Biography and fiction can intertwine. We create stories from our experiences and we share in the creation of other people’s stories.

Story helps us make sense of the human experience and it makes us human. From primitive drawings on cave walls to written tomes, from holiday snaps to museum art: we mark our lives by telling story.

My passion for story and storytelling in all its forms led me a few years ago to name my blog and other online adventures: ‘Wright Story’.
  • What ways do you like to tell and be told stories? 
  • What stories will you create today?  
©Katina Wright 2011

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