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From Tuesday 12th April I'm sharing weekly TIC TOCC that consists of simple timed creative exercises designed by me and delivered weekly free to your email address. (You can sign up HERE)
[TIC TOCC is a just a fun anagram for - Ten-minute Inspiration Catalyst   Timed Optional Creative Challenge! :-) A bit of a mouthful but it went with my logo design and the idea of a timed exercise ;-) ]   

What does TIC TOCC involve?
  • Using my TIC TOCC prompts to create for just ten or twenty minutes (your choice).
  • Enjoy the process with no expectations for the outcome. 
  • Doodle, write, draw, paint, take photos, sew, or compose music.....any medium you fancy.
  • It is entirely optional and you can choose to do it whenever suits you. 
  • You may use it to help start you on a larger piece of work or assist with another challenge.
  • The option to discuss and link to your TIC TOCC results in the comments section of my weekly TIC TOCC check in post. If you prefer to keep the results private please do pop in just to say hi and share your experience.
How does it work?
  • Every week in the form of a short emailed newsletter I will send you a creative TIC TOCC challenge prompt to complete in ten minutes. For those of you with a bit more time/energy to spare you can set the clock at twenty minutes - the choice is yours.
  • As an added bonus, once a month I aim to introduce you to people, living a creative life, that I've discovered whilst exploring creativity and wellbeing during my online journey. The first two interviews have already been done and I can promise the answers are inspirational.
I hope the two elements to this e-newsletter will inspire you.

The TIC TOCC idea has developed from my own experience. I know that creative activity helps nourish my wellbeing but sometimes when I'm feeling ill, tired or pushed for time I  need to be gently nudged into action.
  • I find ten or twenty minute exercises manageable. 
  • They help kick start my inspiration and help me feel good.  
  • They are not overwhelming in their expectations or length and so meet less resistance with my tired mind than a larger project might.
  • Quite often they inspire further creative output and ideas
Those of you who follow my blog may know that I've created timed challenges for myself and local groups intermittently for a while. But now I'm challenging myself to be more imaginative with the prompts so that I can share the benefits with you. It would be nice to think that no matter how bad the week or how tired or pressed for time you are you may be able to set a timer and create for ten or twenty minutes. 

So how do you sign up?
  • Just click HERE to sign up for my Wright Story TIC TOCC prompts and monthly interviews. (I am using Mad Mimi who are a trusted and reliable e-newsletter provider.You are able to cancel your subscription at any time.)
  • Then please display one of the TIC TOCC buttons below on your blog/website. Right click and save the jpeg images and then please make sure you link them back to this page.
  • Then read to the end of this page for more important info.

What next?
  • You will receive TIC TOCCs weekly on a Tuesday. If you sign up after the 12th April 2011 and would like any post dated TIC TOCCs then just leave me a comment on that week's TIC TOCC post or email me at contactwrightstory(at)gmail(dot)com.
  • On a Tuesday I'll have a TIC TOCC post on my blog giving you the chance to chat about your experience in the comments section. If you want to share the results of doing that week's TIC TOCC then you have the option of also posting the link in your comment.
Please note:
  • You have the choice to keep the results private, couple them with other challenges or display the results on your blog - but please kindly display the TICC TOCC badge or/and link back to me whenever publically mentioning the prompts used as they are my own work some of which I hope to include in a book one day.
  • My health does vary so if for any reason I am late sending out your TIC TOCC please think kindly of me and know that I shall send as soon as I am able.
Thanks for reading!
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